Invest on my only Zapdos?

Guys, im going to travel tomorrow and have no more time to do Zapdos raids. My only one is a 1858CP with 3 possibilities of IVs:
1) 10A/13D/15S 84.4%;
2) 12A/10D/15S 82.2%;
3) 14A/7D/15S 80%.
edit: option 3 is out (less than 10 iv stat ~thx pipjay).

Zapdos is my prefered bird, this one worth some dust untill level 30 even if it be 84.4%/10A? the moveset is CB/Thunder. He can reach 2787CP at level 30.

Asked by TheFocke11 months ago


by pipjay 11 months 1 week ago

3) 14A/10D/15S 80%

That is 87%. ... and 1872 CP.

Might still wait until after Monday to decide whether to power it up. No announcement yet what is happening next. All four might become available for a while at lower rates.

It should be:

3) 14A/7D/15S 80.0%

Focke, this combination isn't a possibility because pokemon caught from raids have at least 10 of each IV. So yours is one of the other two options.

edit: beaten by a mile lol

I think you should wait and see what's coming. It is possible that they will now rotate the legendary birds for some time before introducing new ones , so you might still have a chance to catch a better one.

by amac 11 months 1 week ago

It's either #1 or #2. Your #3 is wrong.

I'd say yes because Zapdos has really high ATT base stats and either 10 or 12 in attack wouldn't be that much of a big deal (even if some purists won't agree ;-) ).

Moreover, if it's your favourite one and you're not able to get any other soon, just do it. You just need 1 CTM and you'll get an awesome electric attacker.

I'm in a similar place. My only hope is catching something better on Monday. If I don't I may consider to give up and not power up Zapdos... despite it was the only one I wanted to...

Don't let it get you down. IVs aren't nearly as important now that cp isn't needed for gym placement. I'm calling it good with my 86%.

Whichever was the highest cp at time of catch - sense they are all the same level that would represent their cp percentage which is more important than iv %

Just another perspective you can run some battle simulations to see how your Zapdos compares to the perfect Zapdos against your intended defender. I doubt the difference is negligible. So yours should be good enough to go if overall IVs is over 82%.