increasing catch rate

Hi all
My catch rate for Legendary raid has hardly been satisfying.
Ice bird (2 out of 8)
Fire bird (2 out of 6)
Thunder bird (2 out of 7 so far)
Lugia (0 out of 2 so far)
I use Gold Berry plus curve ball for each throw and most of the balls hit with at least a "nice" or "great", seldom an "excellent" though.
I see some of the comrades here are quite successful in catching those legendary. Any one here who can share any tricks to increase the catch rate ?
Thanks and good luck !

Asked by aegis0000011 months ago


  1. get your electric/flying CB up to +3
  2. raid with your faction (team bonus)
  3. use golems (personal bonus)

more bonuses = higher probability

When I get it, I usually get it on the 1st or 2nd ball. Start out throwing patiently, even if you think you'll have 8 to 12 balls after the initial ones. I actually missed my first three Moltres, then I missed my first 3 Zapdos, then on both of them long lucky streaks.

Just 2 per each?
You must be kidding mate, I've already catch em 7-9 per each

It's all RNG man. It's unfortunate and understandably frustrating but Niantic just want to sell raid more raid passes and make more $$$. There are legendary birds I have hit with 12 great throws and haven't captured, others that I barely hit and catch immediately. It's all luck and RNG.