Idea for mixing Prestige & Decay Gym Systems.

What if they simply brought back prestige that you could attack your own teams gyms, prestige X points (Let's say 5000) and then it would open a 7th, 8th, 9th, and max 10th spot in a Gym.

You could do this even if the gym wasn't full. Making more open spots for later.

Kicking out pokemon would be same exact decay mechanic as now. Beat it = lose motivation = out.

You still couldn't drop pokemon into a gym with 7th 8th 9th 10th open spots if it was under attack. So attacking before it fills up is a definite possibility.

I feel this would open up more battle chances for people when the gyms they are around are thier own color.

I also miss prestiging. It was fun trying to beat pokemon with 1/2 CP stuff to get max prestige. You had to dodge which you really don't need to anymore in a 6vs6 system.

You also had far more use for lots of species with Lower stats. A Tangela might be as valuable to a it's Gen4 evolve just because you use it to prestige with. Or Lanturn gets to shine, as you want to work and even use TMs on Lanturns to get a good prestiger.

I honestly miss building a prestige team.

Asked by Arak23 months 3 weeks ago


by Arak2 3 months 3 weeks ago

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I miss the prestige system and wish Niantic might re-implement it, as it added an extra element as far as battles are concerned. Plus, I know a lot of people who didn't finish the Ace Trainer badge who would love another chance to raise it to gold.


I don't miss 10 slots gyms.
I don't want to face 10 remote fed pokemon by 10 trainers with unlimited stock of golden berries.
I liked prestiging.
I see it as a good system to train your pokemon and make them stronger (IV training).

But I already moved on. We can mourn past features forever or welcome a bright new future.


Is there honestly a difference in terms of Golden Ras? 6 people GRB decent pokemon, you arent taking the gym alone. So why would 10 matter?

There would be a slightly larger chance of someone noticing you attacking if 10 different people getting low motivation notice, vs 6 but you could still pick off the first one, and run so only that notice goes out.


I just wish gyms we're challenging again, instead of the snorefest that we have now. There are many things that could make that happen. Bringing back presteging would be a step in the right direction.


by Pingo 3 months 3 weeks ago

Yesterday I almost posted the same in my groupchat. Only difference was to get rid of this motivation bullshit (No healing, no losing CP by time and no losing CP if beaten but after 3 turns you won). Berrys instead could give more Stardust and maybe a special bonus for feeding GRB. 3 turns against a lvl 10 gym would take about 15min which is ok compared to the old system but still would be a challenge.


There needs to be some sort of prestige system. Something to reward using Pokemon with lower CPs. I honestly think it needs to be as simple as putting some of the current limits on the old gym system, such as no repeated species.

Instead of berry feeding replenishing individual motivation maybe make it increase gym prestige slightly. Not so much that it replaces training for prestige but enough to help the next person who comes along?

And for the love of god bring back stardust rewards for gym holding. I would have gymmed a lot more in the olden days had I realized gyms gave out dust.