I know its the same kinda of question.

Which Raikou? :D

H/ A /D

A) CP 1904 14/15/14 95.6%
B) CP 1903 13/15/15 95.6%

Asked by 2PATrainer1 year ago


I've always wondered at this logic.

When you are talking 1 St vs 1 Def you are talking a tiny probability game.

What are the odds that your pokemon has 1 HP left making 1 stam better
What are the odds that 1 def pushes you a breakpoint and makes 1 def bettter.

Both are so tiny, I just wonder which is higher


The theory behind it is that more stamina let's you receive more damage such that you gain more energy for your charge move. But yea, good luck firing off your charge move at 1 hp.

I just always go with the higher CP one.


Especially considering if the 1 defense IV matters it will save significantly more HP over the course of the fight than the 1 stamina IV might provide.

Having more HP to gain more energy is only really relevant when comparing two different pokemon like Cloyster and Lapras with drastically different base HP stats.

Between two raid catches of the same pokemon, a range of 10 to 15 stamina IV provides a difference of maybe only 3 to 4 HP, depending on rounding and how high you power up. That is not enough to mean anything.

In fact, checking right now, if you are powering Raikou to level 31 for its damage breakpoint against Suicune, 14 and 15 stamina IV both have 143 HP. Now, 14 and 15 defense IVs have both had their final breakpoints against Suicune's fast moves by level 31 also (some at 31 for 14 stamina IV), but against regular gym fights, it could be different.

Also, we are currently talking about Raikou with Thunder Shock, which charges energy incredibly fast so doesn't need whatever negligible energy it might gain from possibly having 1 HP more.