how much cloud?

does anyone know how much cloud accuweather has to show before it's cloudy in game?
'unfortunately' we only really get clear and partial cloud were i live (mostly sunny) is the cuttoff for cloudy intermittent cloud, mostly cloudy, overcast or not until there is light showers?
The only rain we are due to get in the next week are thunderstorms which are likely to trigger an extreme warning and the cloud goes straight to and from intermittent cloud

I notice that there is a % cloud cover on accuweather is there a particular % cut off?

I really want to go ralts hunting.

Asked by Frostystuff10 months ago


Same here man it's been all cloudy were i'm at its so cloudy its dark outside and its only 2p.m. but the game keeps saying its sunny like why!!!


Where I live, the game usually switches unpredictably between snowy, cloudy, partly cloudy, and windy. I think the way to look at it is that the bonuses/boosts are based on the weather in the game, which loosely approximates the weather in your surrounding area. It's not always going to match perfectly.


The in game weather is thought to closely match the forecasted hourly weather on accuweather. I accept that there are mismatches and kust have to accept that accuweather=game weather. Was planning a big hunting session in Brisbane on friday which is forecasted as 50 to 65% cloud for much of the day and was wondering if anyone new ehat the cut off was for cloudy. If it is 100% then am out of luck.