How many for Mewtwo?

I am just curious as to what the "recommended " number would be if you were wanting the optimum rewards. Like for my group we needed 10 for Lugia, 6 for Raikou, 8 for Articuno......

Asked by Rfree97310 months ago


I have no idea but it probably depends on Mewtwo moveset. Focus Blast Mewtwo is going to be harder.

He will be easier than lugia. Lugia's def is huge which make her hard to take down in raids. The exception might be if he has FB which will neutralize the ttars quickly.

I've heard Mewtwo (non fb) is on par with Zapdos, easier than Raikou and Articuno but harder than Entei and Moltres.

I hadn't put it into words this way, but from what I've seen from simulations, a comparison I very much agree with. Difference for SOME will be a want to know the Mewtwo moves...but the others will use all Tyranitars (for all non-FB)

This seems about right, I think. MewTwo is actually easy enough to take down, the issue is more that he will put the hurt on your attackers meaning that smaller raid groups won't see their first line up survive.

I think I came accros some leaked information of "beta-testers" that a group of 5 to 6 is enough to get the job done. Without depending on a second lineup.
That would make it acomparable to what I experience in Entei Raids.

But again, this is just rumours.

Thanks for the input! I am thinking somewhere between Articuno and Lugia. Those are the 2 most difficult for my group anyway. We have done Raikou, Moltres, Zapdos all with 5 to 7. (depending on who is there) but 8 for Articuno and 10 to 12 for Lugia. Focus Blast will be more difficult. I saw one raid with Psychic and Ttar could take 3 to 4 depending on CP.