How many Blissey?

Recently game press posted a debate about using rare candy on blissey or not. (

Aside from that, my question is: how many blissey do you think is a good number to have on your team? (2, 3, 6 ...) And on which level would be good to have them? (30, 35, 40)

Asked by jonatanch5 months ago


Depends on the Gym Scene in your area, and how many Gyms you take down yourself.

I have 2, and 2 Chansey's. My two Blisseys are from before the Gym Rework so they're level 30+. I haven't powered them up since the Gym Rework, and I have no plans to because after a few hours, my Level 30+ Blisseys are easy pickings for anyone who has decent Fighting Pokémon, and after 9 hours (a regular occurrence with gyms in my area) a Level 5 Account could take down my Blisseys.

But if you are regularly having people taking down your Gyms within an hour of you taking them, then power up a few Blisseys and TM them to have Zen Headbutt/Dazzling Gleam. How many? How many Gyms are you taking down on a daily basis, and so have the chance to put the first defender on? If that's 1 Gym, than 1 Blissey. If that's 5 Gyms, then 5 Blisseys. But I wouldn't go past 5. (even 5 is more than I'd personally go for - I'd probably go for 3 and simply Revive my defeated Blissey and put them into a new gym)


I have 4 Blissey's (2 30+ and 2 lower level) and many chansey's. I use them to deter people from taking gyms within an hour or 2. Still doesn't always work but that's really the only reason I use them. If you have a gym scene where people let you have it long enough to get a decent amount of coins then use throw away mons. Once I get my coins for the day, I am less likely to spend any time taking a bunch of gyms unless a friend asks me to help them out. I am in the minority Instinct and so I usually have to take anywhere from 4 to 10 gyms a day depending on how active people are. The biggest reason to have a few is to try and keep a gym for your team just before a raid. I rarely have this luxury as I just pick up a raid that is convenient for the time I can play.


I have one L31 Blissey - I would ideally like a second one but blisseys and chanseys are pretty rare around here and I have not found a second chansey with a high enough IV to evolve it .

I would not be bothered leveling it any higher than level 30.

If I actually had statistics of my experience with gyms that I use to earn coins I think it would show that it hasn't made any significant difference as to which defender I put in a gym.

On the other hand having a strong defender has made a significant difference in holding gyms in the last 20 minutes before a raid starts The gyms I normally do raids at typically turn over A LOT and having a strong defense team reduces the outflow of gold razz berries to keep it.


I ask is YOUR team in the area? If you are the heavy hitter, get a few. If my area most of my teammates throw a Blissey and Snorlax in first. I try and throw something a little different in there, something that will force them to switch out pokemon. My go to pokemon for a strong gym is my maxed 100% Clefable with zh/dg. I also like to throw in my dt/twister Gary for those that use dragons, and I have a legacy stone edge Machamp I like to put in.


I have 8 maxed Blissey because where I live smurf team doubles reds and yellows in size COMBINED, and they are incredibly active all day long. Highest IV is a 93%. I aim to have at least 12 total before the end of the year.


I have three over 3000 CP and three more around 2800 CP. Also useful is a Blissey with CP around 1400. This is similar CP to a maxed Chansey and CP will decay similarly. Useful because some people see a Blissey + Chansey in a gym and will avoid it. Especially when the Blissey appears to be at near full power.


Currently I only have 1 Blissey, maxed at level 40.
I will probably be maxing out a second Blissey soon, for gym defense, and potential PvP usage. I may FTM this one to P/DG.
I also have a L34 alt account with a Blissey maxed at L36.
All Blisseys currently have ZH/DG.

My area is Mystic dominated with strong Valor presence and some Instinct presence, and has very high turnover. This is where I need Blisseys (and GRBs) most. It is rare to find empty slots in yellow gyms here.

However, I usually gym (and raid) at the neighbouring town, which is Instinct dominated with strong presence from other 2 teams. I still get lots of attacks there, but there are usually more people GRB defending, so it’s easier. It’s not much easier to find empty slots there either, but because the slots fill up fast.