How to fix the Stardust Drought.

Hey Everybody.

Last night my clan Omega Mystic decided to hold an event for our town has a thank you for everyone who helped out during the Legendary Raid Event. We went out and dropped lures all over the towns park which was about 14 poke stops. We did this for two hours and had about 60 other trainers show up and walk around and catch everything.
The problem I ran into is at the end of the day I looked at how much stardust I collected and I only had 30k more Stardust... bummer, and that was catching everything I saw for 2 straight hours around 240 Pokémon... exhausting... I incubated a 10k egg right before and ended with about 7.9 Kilometers walked.

So how is Niantic going to fix this terrible Stardust Drought. And before you say that is a lot of stardust that is only enough to power up 1 of your best mons 3 times for maybe 65CP. So my team has thought of 2 solutions that Niantic can do to better the farming experience of the game.

Solution 1: Receive more Stardust for Higher level Pokémon caught. This is my first solution because it doesn't make any sense not to. Niantic made different lvls of difficulty catching a Pokémon based on its lvl yet gives the same rewards. Why? This makes no sense. Instead they should give increase amount of stardust for the higher lvl pokemon.

An Example:
lvl 1-5 100 SD
lvl 6-10 140 SD
11-15 180 SD
16-20 220 SD
21-25 250 SD
26-30 300 SD

And of course you would scale SD based on evolution and so on.

Solution 2: You can only power up your pokemon using SD to lvl 30. To lvl up from lvl 30 to 39 you will need to raid gyms. How much sense does it make to go out there and catch 100 Pokémon for your Dragonite to be powered up by 26 cp? IT MAKES NO SENSE. You are out there doing all the leg work and all that Dragonite did was sit in your storage. The team of 6 that goes into the Raid should receive one power up for defeating the raid boss. This creates a great way to bring in end game content.

What are your thoughts on how to fix the Stardust issue?

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by I3L4zE 11 months 1 week ago

Niantic doesn't care about what makes sense-- They care about what makes dollars.

Another solution.
You used to be able to get 5000 stardust a day from gyms, now you need 250 berries for that! I don't think you can collect 250 berries per day. They need to make it 50 or 100 stardust per berry, maybe capping at 5000 if they want.
I know it's only 5000/day but that's something.

And stardust magic egg

They could also lower the cost of incubators since hatching is not so critical to get good mons any more.

Never once in my 8 months of playing before gym rework was I able to collect even 3k dust in a single day. My average was only about 700-800, and about 15 coins.

From a game administration perspective, there is no "stardust drought" problem. It's called progress/leveling control. Every MMO has at least one or more resources under ruled control, such that, even if you farm all day and hit the max daily capture limit, you are limited on the amount of stardust you can reasonably get.

Players are now feeling "stardust drought" now more than ever, because the majority of players are in mid-30s levels, where each power up now require 6000 to 9000 stardust, for only half the CO gain.

Sorry to say, but the only way to deal with it, is by farming.

I agree. Stardust needs to be controlled and it needs to be scarce. It is currently the only truly limiting factor in the game. Without it, everybody would be running around with all maxed out mons. Boring.

I think it sucks that all the original promo videos have +50 dust and we are stuck with +20...

They should also make incubators "great again" or at least more worth the hassle. I'd guess raid passes sell great now and incubator sales have collapsed. But current rewards for crap eggs isn't worth the coins/hassle IMO.

Maybe they can x5 stardust or some massive amount. Game isn't hard anyways and where it's all going, they like to give us what we want...I just think they need to put BETTER stuff in eggs or something. Incubators IMO, are worthless to spend coins on.

They can also just give us more stardust for everything...Maybe +200 per catch instead...

All that said, I'm still sitting on 600k+ myself...and this is AFTER burning 1.5 million+ on the old gym high CP meta...I doubt a lot of casuals wasted dust on Blisseys, Snorlax, Lapras, Rhydons, etc...

I think as long as you play regularly and don't "waste" dust, most folks should actually have enough I feel.

My wife never did the previous gym meta and is sitting on 1.5+ million or so...She's not worried about dust.

There is no stardust drought .... there was just a massive lack of intelligence when it came to powering up pokes for most noobs. I'm level 40 have 4 mil dust - only pokes worth dust are 96+ iv lvl 20+ ... most ppl don't realize that till lvl 35 tho

I have 2 93 percent dragon with that moveset -caught the drats over level 20 . If I didn't I'd power that up if I didn't think dragons would be available in raids soon ?

There is probably a stardust drought for newer players because all they do are raids...They never went around catching stuff or grinded.

You see level 30+ trainers with so few battles, so little walking, so few caught because with the anniversary events and double exp and lots of EXP for Level 5 raids, they go up in levels fast, but didn't really catch much...

Old time players at 40+ caught a ton of mons to get there so they tend to be sitting better off...

Like I mentioned earlier, if you are picky in what to power up, you will probably be ok...and again, this is me blowing OVER 1.5 mil on mons I barely ever use now in the previous gym meta...

Good job on being smart and thrifty with the stardust.

Game mimics real life. Everybody's spending habit and situation are different

I have battled over 16,000 times. For players like me who live in a highly contested gym area, previous or current gym meta, maxing out mon early on was the only viable survival and battle tactic.

My highest-IV Dragonite is 84%. My option was to power up that one or never have a usable Dragonite. (I'm level 35.) I had a pretty high reserve of stardust because the only Mons I'd power-up were high-IV gym defenders (I could attack with low-CP Mons and still win anyway.) I have depleted much of it trying to get good attackers to take on raids. It's in the 6ks now.

I've been having a stardust drought all the time, the gym rework didn't make it worse.
The only thing tha made it worse now is increasing cost of powering up.

Ni doubt the now-successful legendary raid scheme has drained many players stardust coffer, because they probably felt eager and compelled to power up their golem's and ttars and the like.

The need for stardust will get intense again, when raid boss rotation occurs (requiring different typing coverage, thus compelling players to power up diff mon. )

I highly recommend the PoGO Plus for collecting dust. I had only time for 1 km (20 min) after work today in a park with 15 stops, 3 with lures, but ended up with > 10K dust (this includes a 5k hatch). I let the PoGO Plus catch mon while I spun the stops.

Yes, the Plus costs about $35, the equivalent of ~ 23 incubators, but it's a one time investment and totally worth it. (It's not perfect and sometimes won't work, but when it does it's great for easy grinding.)

On a catch-only basis, it is not possible to gain 20,000 stardust in 30 or so minutes, even with a most dense stops and spawns scenario. 20,000 stardust is equivalent to about 170 to 180 catches, including mon in 2nd and 3rd evolve form. This is equivalent to 5 catches per minute. Even with a plus, this seems extremely, umm..., optimistic.

How long is the go plus catch sequence? The three shakes and celebration vibration. I've never timed it but I'm sure someone has

I'm not using go plus much b/c my bag space is screwy right now, but 3k in a small time happens. Really 8k+ like that would take some slow parking lot driving and it would take an additional couple of nests. Even with an ideal bag I'd then have trouble b/c of storage space.

Yes, it is a chore to gather stardust, but it also is a chore to drive to raids, chat about driving to the next raid, and huddle around talking about how many Golems you have. Better to vary your chorelike activities

You're right, my calculations were off.... (sorry). I checked my journal and it caught ~ 30 mon in 20 min. However, you can certainly catch a lot of mon much faster than manually, plus you can spin stops while it catches, so definitely very useful.

They added the daily and weekly bonuses and increased the stardust for second and third evolves. I never did much gym work because you can't hold one for more than ten minutes where I live. I actually find it easier now to get dust.

I propose that using a Nanab berry should give double stardust.

Razz = increased chance of capture.
Pinap = double candy.
Nanab = double startdust.