How does one do mass evolve efficiently now?

Up until about a month ago I could do a mass evolve (pidgies, etc. with a lucky egg running) and after each evolution I would be returned to the location in my pokemon inventory from which I started and then evolve the next pidgey. Now, anytime a pokemon is altered and the x button tapped, I am sent to the pokemon list in numerical order, with Bulbasaur at the top, and would have to scroll down to my next pidgey (and eventually to houndours) which eats up a lot of time in a 30 minute mass evolve. I understand there is a way to do the mass evolves efficiently by tapping the search button (the magnifying glass in the upper right corner) and entering pokemon numbers or using special characters or something like that. Can someone describe an efficient procedure for doing mass evolves, please? Thanks.

Asked by Barry Dale6 months 4 weeks ago


by pipjay 6 months 4 weeks ago

Wait until the update where it has been fixed. Already out for Android. Hopefully out soon for iOS.

Did one today. It’s a real pain in the ass. The Pokémon sorting is a real annoyance. I hope they fix that bug.

Type "evolve" into the search bar and you will have a reduced number of pokemon to scroll through.

Or pokedex number. e.g.: "16" for Pidgey.

You can search between two numbers. e.g.: "16-27" for Pidgey through Sandshrew.

Or drop the second number to just search from that number onwards. e.g.: "16-"

Keep a pokemon list open to see where you are at and periodically update your search string. "16-" "29-" "43-" etc.

You can just search one time and keep evolving without wasting time on typing new searches.
"evolve&13,16,19..." for the pokedex numbers of whichever fodder you want to evolve gives you an updating screen of only first stage fodder mons that you have the candy to evolve and completely ignores the bug since you're evolving from the top of the screen anyway.

The above suggestions are all good. You can also rename the ones you want to evolve to “$” and sort A-Z. Then they show at the top.

As noted above, Niantic has fixed this in the next update, but we don’t know if it will be fully rolled out in time for Saturday’s double XP during the three-hour community event.

I recently did this and it worked beautifully:
- type "evolve" in search bar
- sort by species number
This keeps place just fine, the new evolution drops out of view because of the sort order, and the next PKM to evolve stays in the same relative position. It did not go back to the top of the list like after transferring or renaming a PKM.

Three stage evolutions destroy this if you have surplus candy though. If you just type "evolve" Kakunas and Pidgeottos will clog up the top if you have candy for them left. You can use "evolve&13,16,19..." to sort out anything that's not a first stage fodder mon.

I name all the pokemon i want to evolve in a mass evolve "yep" and then their IV (if it's a keeper) just search by that and go at it.

Add Keyboard "Replacement Text" on phone,
Type:evol (then space bar)
Inserts the following text:
​These are my junk mon to mass evolve.