How is the challenge going?

For those of us who aren't twits (that is, we don't use Twitter), could someone post how the global challenge is going? Hours left, pretty sure we've hit all the targets.

Thanks in advance.

Asked by aeronaut631 month ago


by hkn 1 month ago

All targets reached: (Go Fest, bonus candy from catches) (Americas and Greenland, reduced egg hatching distance) (Europe, Middle East and Africa, no idea why they left India off the map, bonus candy from hatches) (Asia-Pacific region, Rare Candy from raids)

Do you have a Discord or other social media for your area that does research callouts? My raid group calls out rare encounter researches all the time (Dratini/Larvitar/Absol/Chansey). It's nice to chain a "Catch a dragon type" encounter off of a "Complete a T3 or higher raid" encounter.

Not surprising. If Niantic set goal levels that we couldn't reach, that would be on them, and they would have literally a planet's worth of players upset with them. So bonus candy (2x, I'd expect), reduced egg distances (2x-3x shorter, most likely), 2x candy from hatches, and I suspect a minimum of one rare candy per raid, or +1 if you get some (that bonus should be automatic for level 3+ raids, a minimum of one rare - it sucks to do a legendary and get no rare candy and then take down a Wailmer or Magicarp and get 3 rare candy).

Also, on the plus side, when we get ThunderShock Zapdos on Saturday, we'll get bonus rare candy, and bonus candy for catching Zappy. Should let all of us power up a few strong Zappers.

I’d be willing to bet that niantic does not actually keep track and/ or makes sure that the numbers are somehow manipulated to ensure that we “reach our goals” .... there is literally zero reason for them to throw out a bonus annoknecemwnt and not give it to us.. it hurts them more if we don’t “reach our goals “... so believe me, whatever it says in the Yokohama announcement will be our bonuses , you can put all money down that we will get them. The whole global goals thing is juts a narrative packaging and nothing more...

Agree - if they don't track the numbers of whatever they make the contest about before the contest, and set a target that's eminently makable, well, that's just bait and switch by them. So there's really no drama here, other than if they choose to set us up to fail.

Didn't something like this happen with the first Global Challenge in Sun and Moon? They had some stupidly high goal immediately after the games launched, not realizing many copies were likely bought as Christmas gifts, so it wasn't met? I think that was the only one that was failed.

"Americas and Greenland, reduced egg hatching distance"

Not to be picky, but just how many trainers play in Greenland, do you think? Are there tons of gyms there? A quick scan of the Ingress intel maps shows maybe 25 portals on the whole island of Greenland. Although it's probably great weather for Ice pokemon.