How bad is Heracross as a bug attacker?

With 10 Machamps at Level 30+ I do not need heracross as a fighting backup. I have only 2 bug attackers worth mentioning (1x Scizor 1x Pinsir) I'm considering TMing Heracross to get the bug moves, but I do not know if its utility is good, passable or just downright garbage

I guess it is hampered both by moves and typing, since fighting takes extra damage from the psychic type it is supposed to counter, although it does gain resistance for attacks against dark type (hard countering cacturn and shiftry perhaps?)

If Heracross was to exploit a 2X bug weakness (e.g. Celebi, Exeggutor), can it overcome some other single SE good counters in this regard?

Asked by Lecafe889 months ago


I would say he is trash as bug attacker.
Struggle Bug is slow (1.5 seconds), Megahorn hits for mediocre 90 damage.

Get yourself another Pinsir or Scizor with Fury Cutter/X-Scissor


Bad idea... against Psychic has weakness, about Dark is better with fighting moves, and the only Grass possibly in sight is Tangrowth, and is easier to see a swarm of Rayquazas landing on it.
Bug will have a Scizor for a very long time.


It obviously can be useful for people that live/frequent the region(s). I spent 1 day over 4th of July; 2 days over Thanksgiving; then just finished 3 days far enough south in Florida...307 candies. More common than Pinsir used to be midway through Gen 1. Don't go out of your way to optimize an average/substandard one, but throw some of your good ones out there