Horsea you fickle little fish thing

I have 2 Horsea I'm looking to evolve into Kingdra, it'll be a gym accessory really but maybe be used for battle if need be. The reason i say fickle is because of the following stats:

Which one should i evolve?

Asked by thaiguy1 year 1 month ago


I have a similar problem: I want to evolve a Pidgey and am not sure if I should evolve this one:
9 / 8 / 6
or this one
8 / 8 / 7
can you tell me which one will be better to do Mewtwo raids?


wrong! I don't need 15 att IV

The Quick attack (best moveset) breakpoint (2 damage -> 3 damage) of Pidgey against Mewtwo is
attack level
8 -> 27.5
9 -> 27
15 -> 24

So if I want to power up my Pidgey to level 27.5 the attack IV does not really matter

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Personally the higher atk iv, the higher potential dmg u can do when u max it out. I personally waited months for a max atk iv horsea until a level 28 max hp and max atk iv seadra spawned which I evolved immediately. If the stats u list are atk/hp/def, then imo i will pick the 14atk/14hp one


Both cost only 25 candy.

Yes I have 100 IV raticate should I evolve it to max?


I caught a 778 a 15/15/14 DB/O 2106 Kingdra...I put it in a gym once, got me 50 coins!