Ho-Oh:Power up or not? I know it's always the same question but ...

I thought it was not worth it ... but after this video I'm not sure anymore. What do you think?

Asked by AndreOl10 months 1 week ago


I’d wait for gen 3 to drop in case Groudon is a raid boss at launch. You’ll want to use the rare candies on that monster.


That is a ridiculous comparison. Obviously, a Mewtwo with the ideal moveset for battling Chansey, and its higher attack stat, is going to be far superior agaist a single Chansey that doesn't hit back, compared with a Ho-Oh doing neutral damage.

Give the Mewtwo psycho cut / shadow ball, and make the defender a ZH/DG Blissey, and the result will be different. Or use them in a raid, where Ho-Oh's advantage in tankiness matters, and it won't be such a one-sided comparison.

Don't get me wrong, I still think Ho-Oh is underpowered and needs to be improved, but this video is an apples-to-oranges comparison.

As to your question, it is up to you whether to power up Ho-Oh or not. Personally, I am going to power up at least one of each legendary, to at least level 30, including even Suicune.


by blchg 10 months 2 weeks ago

I powered up my 100% to L30, and moved up so quickly to my 1st page already!