Gengar dilemma

Hi guys.
I really want a nice ghost type attacker and have the following 2 gengar which I tm'ed already.
1) 96% A13, SC/SB legacy L20
2) 100% H/SB L11
Since the level isn't that such of a difference for stardust cost, which one should i choose? Is sc that much better than hex to prefer the 96% ? Need advise!! THX

Asked by Xardas6 days 14 hours ago


Hex is Pretty bad compared to Shadow claw, plus, gengar is super glassy and weak to almost every Pokémon weak to Ghost, so dodging is cruciale and hex is so slow

Altho the 13atk really isn't optimal, if you don't have any better Gengars with SC I'd power that one up - SC is MUCH better than hex , due to faster speed and dps , altho hex has a great energy gain so honestly both pokes are worthwhile