The future of Rayquaza

After I read the guide on the history (and future) of the dragon type in Pokemon Go, I was wondering if Rayquaza would still be a solid investment.

It will probably have the highest attack stat among all the other legendary and non legendary dragons. However with Dialga being also Steel type (a dragon damaged neutrally by dragon) it might be outclassed in the long run.

My question, are you gonna powerup Rayquaza? And if yes, to what level?

Asked by trekjebakfiets6 months ago


Not quite, they may change the combat system when stuff like that comes out.

8/11 so far. Already inching a 13a/15/13 that was boosted to level 30. I don't expect any more boosted ones...after that I'll wait to see if I get a 96%+ and I'll power it up to low/mid 30s. Not much strategy except to remember that I'm expecting to catch 30-35 of these.

Boosted=level 25, I'm taking it to 30. Figure I should have a few useable Rayquazas since I'm going to battle it up to 50 times. It is nearing Tyranitar in terms of being easy to battle.

I would say Rayquaza is a solid investment, but not a necessary one. It tears through things a bit faster than Dragonite does at the cost of things also tearing through it a bit faster as well. Plus, with the Dratini-centric community day coming up, if you didn't already have a stash of Dratini candies, you likely will by the end of the 24th, if you're able to get out and play. This will make Dragonite the easier investment compared to Rayquaza, who will be eating up rare candies to get powered up.

I got lucky and caught a 100 Rayquaza day two of it being released, so I fed it a bunch of rare candies and maxed it out. It's fun to use, it hits hard, and aesthetically, I think it looks awesome. But again, if you already have a team of strong Dragonites to use as generalist attackers, Rayquaza might not be really all that necessary. Especially in this meta, which is dominated more by specialist attackers.

Edit: if their ever becomes a need in the meta for a flying-type specialist, Rayquaza will be the best of all current options by a mile.

I’d say Rayquaza isn’t worth the investment, but here’s my thing.

Do any of the Legendaries outclass the next best type enough to justify the investment?

For my part, I can only see Articuno and Mewtwo as being worth that investment. Raiku is VERY close.

As for Rayquaza, I just don’t see it because of the upcoming community event. Players are going to have the opportunity to evolve and bulk up an ARMY of Dragonites with minimal amount of investment. Blessed be those who have a windy forecast that day.

I'd argue that Kyogre, Groudon and Raikou all outclass the best nonlegendary of their respective types by a much bigger margin than Articuno does. Entei/Moltres also compare more favorably to Flareon than Articuno does to its counterparts.

Groudon and Kyogre are both among the best TDO generalists in the game - better stats than Ho-Oh and without moves that blow.

They are MVP when given the right weather conditions

Devil's advocate here - it does find a niche in that it double-resists its ground targets and single-resists its grass targets, where ice counters otherwise have no resistance to

My Articuno is at level 30 and was only 84% (15a) to begin with, I perceive that I put a bunch a sweat into it though...seems like a luxury (35+) since I realize a level 30 Articuno could easily be switched out for two 2000 Cloysers...I have six 2000 Cloysters and 500 candy (in a grass biome)—just that some have AB

Not powering Ray. It doesn't bring anything I need compared with what I already have. I do, however, like its Aztec-god vibe.

I plan on powering up my best Rayquaza because it's a cool pokemon (I'm going to eventually power one of every legendary regardless of how good they are). It's also going to see a fair bit of use before there's any danger of it getting outclassed. For that usefulness factor I need to take it to the max, because at 30 it won't compete with my Dragonites.

tl;dr yes to the max because it's a useful trophy

Absolutely. I don't know why people here are talking about bringing a bunch of Rayquazas to 30. Literally just catch a weather-boosted, poor IV Dratini at level 35.

Before you say it would be a waste of candies of evolve, remember the 24.

It is never windy. I have 181 dratini candy and a family which will preclude me from getting hundreds of dratini candy in 3 hours on Feb 24. My current candy will probably go to whatever marginal shiny that might be caught (if there are dratini shinies). The rest to powerup the dragonites I already have: 3330; 3327; 3213; 3145. I have room for 2 more functional dragons, shinies usually arent functional

i like salamence better because of the new and refreshing draco meteor so i maxed it out. rayquaza probably wont as i have DT/O Nites

I've caught 6 of 9 so far and I powered a 91% weather boosted one up to level 32.5 because since I live in a desert biome and don't use scanners, I only have 2 usable Dragonites (a third one still has n Steel Wing/Hyper Beam and is only level 30 and I caught a wild one at level 4). I'd like to power up at least one more Rayquaza and have both at level 35 at least since Rayquaza will be the best counter for Latios & Latias and even if there will be better dragons in the future, Rayquaza's stats are still excellent.

I hate the want to max 6 of the same Pokémon for best dps possible mentality there is always gonna be something new and possibly better in future gens to outclass the current ones. If you can get lvl 35 weather boosted pokemon so no investment it’s ok for copies, but otherwise I’d like to max 1 rayquaza and 1 salamance and then next gen i will still want 1 garchomp, 1 dialga and 1 palkia and so on.
I regret investing in multiple Dragonites for example because I only use 1 now since the gym rework

If and when Niantic ever adds mega evolutions, I can power up my Rayquaza. Until then, my two Dragonites that are already maxed and close to max are already enough.