First successful Alakazam solo (C/FS)

I have failed on four or five previous Alakzam raid solo attempts, and tried again today. The boss had C/FS, not ideal for my trio of Gengars that I was hoping would put me over the top. Confusion just absolutely wrecks Gengar. After timing out on the first three tries, I defeated the 'Zam boss with about two seconds left, using this team. I tried a different lineup order, with a few substitutions, on each attempt.

I led off with a B/SE Tyranitar, followed by a H/SB Gengar, and then two B/C T-tars. The fifth mon, another B/SE T-tar, had just entered the battle with about 10 seconds left, and while he didn't get off a stone edge, he spammed enough bites to finish the job. The Scizor was not used.

I believe that the difference maker on the last attempt was switching out a SC/SB Gengar for the one with H/SB. Although simulations generally show that SC/SB is more effective against Alakazam, I was never able to launch more than one shadow ball from the SC/SB Gengar due to the damage taken from confusion. My theory was that the faster energy gain from hex might allow another shadow ball, which I figured would be enough. In fact, the H/SB Gengar did get off two shadow balls (almost three) in the winning attempt, and I think that was the difference I needed.

Although i am level 39, none of the mons actually used in the battle were higher than level 33 (the unused Scizor is level 35), with three of the T-tars being level 30, one being level 32, and the Gengar level 33.

The Alakazam boss is definitely tougher than Machamp, Vaporeon, Gengar, and Arcanine, but it is doable, even with confusion, so keep on trying!

Asked by ScooterJameson11 months 4 weeks ago


Attempted to solo Alakazam (PC/FB) yesterday. My squad has SC/SB Gengar (LV31), B/C TTar x2 (LV39 and LV35) and a maxed DB/O Dragonite (fifth and sixth mons were never needed). The closest one was just a charge move to go, when my TTar was beaten by 'Zam's FB just before the last Crunch with a few seconds to go. At the end I found another trainer nearby and duoed that 'Zam.


Thanks for sharing this and nice work. I'm at the point I want to start trying to Solo some 3 star mons but have been unsure where to start. I'm clearly not ready for Alakazam as I have only one good TTar and one Gengar for the job. I'll look to start with an easier Boss. Maybe Jolteon or Gengar.


Machamp is the easiest in my opinion, with Vaporeon, Arcanine, and Gengar close behind. I managed all of them on the first attempt, although it took me two or three tries on the same raid for some of them. Of those four, I actually had the most trouble with Gengar.

Alakazam is definitely tougher, and I'm not even close to being able to solo Flareon or Jolteon. Supposedly, Jolteon is impossible, and I failed miserably against Flareon the other day. I won't even try Flareon again anytime soon, because according to Pokebattler simulations, I'd need about another 30 seconds with the team I currently have.


Awesome, I did C/FS a few weeks ago and it was a down to the wire affair such as yours. I've spent the past few weeks powering up my ttars and just two days ago I attempted C/FB. On my second attempt I got it down to no visible red damage left before I timed out. I missed several dodges so if I was able to clean it up I'd have managed easily. However, after that the lag started to set in and I was losing 2 mons with 1 charge move. It got really bad. But I know in a better area with a better phone I would have had it.

C/FB seemed much easier than PC/SB. With SB you've either gotta have a bunch of burly Ttars or your dodging game better be on point.

Edit: below was my C/FB team (second/closest try)


I have been thinking of charge TMing a 93% IV (15/14/13), level 20 Hex/Focus Blast Gengar to Shadow Ball for Alakazam raids, and powering him up. After reading your post, I will probably do it. I've been focusing on my Shadow Claw one for a while.

But I will hold it off for now, in case I get a better Gastly during the event.


I have tried myself so many times (7-8 times) without success, that I fully understand the great accomplishment.

I do not think I fail due to lack of good pokemons. My team is all lvl 39, +95% IV, with different mixes of 6 Ttar (2 B/SE, 4 B/C), a SC/SB Gengar and recently a PC/SB Mewtwo. After I got my team fully assembled I have only had two (failed) tries, so I hope I will do it soon. Or maybe I am just a lousy player with a bad mobile?