First of many Kyogre Fails

I just finished doing a Kyogre raid before it finished. Kyogre, as a T5 raid boss, is actually kind of hard, arguably the hardest legendary raid boss I've fought, so far (not including Mewtwo, haven't fought it yet). Its Hydro Pump is deadly and hard to dodge since it comes out so quickly. It swept through five of my Pokémon so quickly, and it wasn't even weather-boosted. Nevertheless, there were plenty of people in the raid, so we managed to beat it.

Trying to catch it, though... is a chore. I failed miserably, probably the worst I've ever done with a legendary. I'm pretty consistent in getting excellent curveball throws, but I didn't get a single excellent curveball throw on Kyogre. In fact, the best I was able to get was a great curveball, and I barely only got it one time. Had 10 balls to catch Kyogre, and I dropped three balls because of Kyogre's constant horizontal movement, and the rest hit it completely out of range of the small circle. That circle is in such a difficult position to even get a curveball in the first place. Haven't had this much difficulty with a legendary since Moltres haha. Definitely gonna have to focus for this water titan next time!

Maybe it was just a first-time experience, though. But, just wanted to share with you guys what Kyogre was like so you'll have an idea of what you'll be dealing with. My advice: be ready for that Hydro Pump, if Kyogre ends up knowing it. Good luck! :]

Asked by CzarJG2410 months ago


Definitely the toughest for me since Moltres as well. Only landed one Excellent. Didn't catch it either.


Seems like a tricky bastard. One question though: How far away (or near) does it stand when you're trying to catch it? Is it similar to any previous legendary?

I had massive trouble with Ho-oh because if was so close and it took me quite some time to learn how to throw. With Groudon however I land excellent throws almost every time. So naturally I really hope you're going to say that it is similar to Groudon ;)


He’s far. And he moves a lot. Not like a spazz, but he goes side to side without warning or pattern, and gave a lot of people in my group problems even hitting him at all. And many of them are usually the great/excellent curve ball on every throw types of trainers.

He was also a beast to take down. We had 11 trainers in one raid and most had to go with 7 or 8 attackers. Next raid we had 7 trainers, and most of us went into the 9th or 10th attackers. He basically one-shots everything as far as I can tell, although I managed to get off 5 wild charges with each of my 2 level 40 Raikous. But they were charging up really fast.


^This. He's definitely far away for a big Pokémon, probably the same distance as Groudon. However, Groudon was easier to catch because its circle was much larger and it stood still on one spot, so all you had to do was wait for it to attack.

Kyogre, on the other hand, is a bit more unpredictable and hard to catch with its movement capability and much smaller circle, which personally feels like it's on a difficult position to get any kind of curveball, despite its massive size and long distance. I literally couldn't get any excellent curveballs, despite my best efforts. It's already pretty hard enough as a raid boss, and I imagine Kyogre with a weather boost will be very destructive. All that combined with a 2% base catch rate... definitely a Pokémon that will require a lot of focus and patience.


Yes, I have just tasted its difficulty. The circle is so small, the risk of miss is greater than the benefit of excellent. I think i would attempt great throw from now on


Yep, just did one. BIG FAIL. So sad. It was hellish. m'fer kept moving as well as a small circle, the big doodoo.

(...this is how legendaries SHOULD be though, IMO and I can't wait for tomorrow)


i agree. hes really hard to beat. and unlike anyone else in here, i had the luxury of facing him with thunder. i only needed to use three mon (two fainted) since we had 14 in the raid. catching him for me, was luckily easy. i got him on a curve ball on my second throw. i was also very lucky. it was weather boosted 2890 cp with 93iv (15 att). the only unlucky part was i got blizzard as its charge move as opposed to hydro pump, but im not complaining.

i then did the same raid for my friend and caught him on the last throw, which is very atypical. so im luckily 2/2 on catching this boss. i doubt this luck will continue, but a good start. he is definitely very tricky to catch because of those movements, and the way the circle is positioned, it makes it tough to even get a great throw, let alone excellent.


After 1st attempt at kyogre with hydropump, I agree that it hurt hard. 1-shot most optimal counters (raikou, Zapdos) but not all counters. Did kyogre with HP with 12 and had 150s left despite having to go back in with second squad.

For comparison, Lugia with hydropump was absolutely brutal on the optimal counters (rock) and took punch after punch. Winning at all with 10 was no guarantee. At least that’s my perception...Lugia with HP was harder.


I had an odd, but ultimately rewarding experience. My L40 friend and I headed to a Kyogre raid I had heard about on Discord; I had said we would wait for a couple, who expected another group to show up. Many others arrived, started the raid, as did my friend who didn't want to miss out. I waited, only the couple showed up, so it was futile. But they told me about another raid.

Well, most of the first group - including my friend - couldn't catch Kyogre (and she has an excellent technique, caught 4 out of 5 Groudon). So we went to the second raid, late, but they had waited for us (all were rival team). I had only 9 balls; missed a couple, but then - golden razz, straight great throw - Kyogre was caught. I didn't expect it, maybe this took the pressure off and allowed me to be more relaxed. My friend also caught hers, but few others did.

Then the impatient earlier group arrived - after yet another raid - and most couldn't catch him.

No Kyogre will be more treasured than this one.... 80% IVs, but who cares?! He'll get powered up :) He was weather boosted, so caught at level 25.

Good luck, everyone, hope you get yours soon!


Thanks! And, that's awesome, congrats on your Kyogre catch! Hopefully, you find one with higher IVs! Kyogre's so huge on the screen haha! :)

Definitely learned a thing or two from my first experience with Kyogre. Luckily, the Kyogre was only 2288 CP, so I wasn't too upset about losing it. It completely threw me off how hard Kyogre was. I haven't had this much of a challenge with a legendary since Moltres/Lugia, so I'm pretty excited to do more Kyogre raids!


I today faced Kyogre in a red gym with like 30 seconds left before it despawns, but there are still like 16 or so people anyway. I am lucky to see it using thunder, but it managed to kill 5 pokemon in the default section anyway. The number of balls i got is 9, 1 extra for damage and 2 extra for team.

Now to the capture part. It was clearly using the hovering dodge animation which in my opinion is one of the most dreaded dodging animations on a pokemon. I have no trouble aiming for that distance, but its hitbox was so narrow that 2 balls missed in a row. On the second ball that actually hit, i caught it despite no great bonus.

I think this is one of the hardest to capture legendaries in the game along with lugia and moltres and i think i was only lucky.


Tried 3 times to take down Kyogre in bonus rounds 7 to 9 bonus balls with better than half excellent throws each time using golden rasberries and still didn't catch them. Ran out of golden rasberries then next 2 raid bonuses I used Nanab Berrys instead to get him to stop jumping around...nailed it on my first throw...lucky...tried it again on another raid win bonus and during bonus round did it again first got 2 in a row...lucky or is there something about getting him to stop jumping around make a difference?