Fast TM on L/BS Snorlax or P/DG Blissey?

I have both a high IV Snorlax & and high IV Blissey with the above movesets. Worth a quick TM to get Zen Headbutt for either of them?

Asked by An Endless Blue6 months ago


Assuming both have decent IVs and both would be used for defense, I think trying to get a ZH-DG Blissey is highest priority.

ZH-DG Blissey is the best defensive pokemon and moveset in the game. And it SUCKS to go up against it.

ZH-BS snorlax also sucks to go up against, but not as much as that Blissey.

I don't care about defense. But if OP wants to use a TM on a Snorlax or a Blissey, two mons that have absolutely no use on offense, clearly OP cares about defense.

And I'm answering with defense in mind as a result. ZH-DG Blissey is objectively the best defender and moveset in the game, even if defense means nothing now.

I agree with fast TM of Blissey. I want my best defenders to defend better. I am in a moderately fast turnover area, I want to protect my gyms--they give me more items. I need potions more than coins.

I'm also in a very fast turnover area, but what people put in doesn't matter, pidgeys last 1 minute less than blisseys.
Also, a gym without a blissey goes down very very fast here. But even if there's a blissey, no one cares about her moveset.

The only real Use of blissey is when you want to be a douche. Somebody kicks out my 10CP pidgey right away; put in a 2900CP blissey and just throw berries at it continually when the person tries to take it down

When I take a gym, I put a Blissey in, it sets the tone to the other players that we aren't trying to purposely lose what little control we've managed. All for some nickels.

I agree with everyone else that until the game changes again requiring half decent defenders, you shouldn't use TMs on any of them...

Also, moves can change so Zh/DG could be bad with a single move change (Gen 3 probably?)...

No point in burning a TM at this point in the game for minor benefits...Berry defense will work a lot better as well than simply changing it's moveset.

The only use for a blissey is to hold a gym you have taken over right before a raid. It takes so much longer to kill even with appropriate counters, that it'll usually last the 3-5 minutes before the raid starts, adding a few berries would help that cause as well.