EX Raids, Spoofers and Whatever people are complaining about are NOTHING compared to these problems in pokemon go.

1. When you find some rare pokemon, say a Dragonite, Metang or Blissey, you feed a gold razz berry to it, throw an ultra curveball, get a great throw. It breaks free of the ball instantly then flees.
2. The movesets with the new pokemon. That is why they are garbage and nothing else. I don't understand why they have all of these wierd coverage moves and the pokemon that have something that make them strong, say medicham's pure power, claydol, cradily and dusclop's defensive moves are nonexistent, AND the cp formula does not help with defensives either.
3. Weather diluting spawns and preventing the player from getting any form of good pokemon if it uses windy, foggy or snowy weather.
4. Overcast/Cloudy. At least make it support psychic or steel to make it more worthwhile, for now it is simply a disgusting hinderance.
5. One sided combat system which is nothing more than another language that tells you that you are collecting pokemon toys, not a real trainer.
7. Hovering. Please delete this dodge animation because it's annoying as hell. If you see a carvanha or shuppet sticking into the right at the start, it's pretty much your time to give up because there is nothing you can do with it.
8. Dodge/Attack on contact and zero shake breakouts regardless of optimal throws/berries (Had saw level 5 pinapped pokemon break out from great balls), please don't even talk about this.
9. Dust drought. i have to farm an entire day to get the dust count going and i use all of my stored dust on something. 30000 dust is earned then spent a day. I wish i could avoid pokemon especially when i'm on an serious ball/berry drought but i cannot because of this.
10. Bag is full, bag is full, bag is full, bag is full, bag is full. Throw something only to get the bag full in 30 seconds, even with 1400 item slots.

Asked by Mr-ex7778 months ago


by daltry 8 months 1 week ago

most of those don't seem like problems to me. if everything was easy we'd all have been at level 40 by now with perfect teams.


#2 and #5 resonate with me

I feel as though once (if) they update the combat system from more than the tap/swipe mechanics then hopefully a lot more can be done in-battle, such as the potential to add status effects with moves, perhaps implement critical hits, add abilities which due to a current lack of abilities under-represents some species such as azumarill, medicham, and anything with other relevant abilities such as the ability to change weather (e.g. ninetales, politoad) or perhaps an implemented variant of regenerator (slowbro, tangela).
On a side note I think it would be cool if they showed the actual stats with or without cp
As for justification for #2, if pokemon had moves that only made them strong, then as gym defenders and raid bosses they would be significantly easier to defeat if they didn't have coverage for weaknesses (salamence's fire blast, slowbro's ice beam, Typhlosion's solar beam)

As for #10, I do not see how that is problematic...but what would be problematic would be if they kept the max item storage capped at 1000 or 350 or whatever it is originally.

For #9 they have to keep people interested and one way of doing so is through making dust only achievable to the amount that it is! I would greatly appreciate the ability to rack in more dust without playing as often, but I mean they're also a company with financial objectives and they offer the ability to increase dust (albeit to a certain extent) through star pieces and incubators

And for #6 the addition of berrying was to compensate for prestiging with the new system; it also encourages players to complete raids (which is in-line with Niantic's financial objective {make mas dinero}) to obtain razz berries. But yes after acknowledging their objectives I agree, there certainly is a downside to golden razz berrying and it can be very frustrating

Lastly I think I read on the silph road that with the newest update, code was added that may allow for multiple "charge bars" at the bottom (which may imply that multiple moves may be used for the same pokemon?) e.g. salamence having access to hydro pump, fire blast, and draco meteor simultaneously


4 is utter bullshit. Boosted fighter types makes fighting gym GRB feeders much faster. Except that Blissey's DG gets boosted too...

9, do you expect dust to be so easily and readily available? If so, almost everyone would have massive armies of max-out mons. You could make the same argument for rare candies.


by Oscarv 8 months 1 week ago

3) and 4). At some point Niantic will most likely release a Weather changing device for $$$ that will locally change the weather around a pokéstop or gym.


1. It's just RNG. I've caught a level 30 Lapras from the wild and had a 2k cp Dragonite flee after the second ball. It sucks, but there would be no suspense or excitement in catching pokemon if you were guaranteed to catch it.

2. Bad movesets is in no way exclusive to new pokemon and most of them are obsoleted by their stats anyway. I agree there are big problems here, we need a stat formula rebalance and a moveset rebalance and we might be able to make 10 or 30 more pokemon somewhat viable.

3. I agree that weather affects spawns too much. Incense basically spawns 90% weather boosted mons.

4. Cloudy boosts Ralts and fighting types, it's far from worthless.

5. Agreed. But it's unlikely to change since they both want to keep the game simple and not eat audience from the main games.

6. Limit to 10 GRB per 30min per pokemon regardless of how many players feed and make them only recover 50% motivation from range. GRB has killed my motivation for gyms until the winter is over.

7. Get good. I can throw consistent great curves into the left or right position on hovering mons, it just comes with practice. It's a great way to add more complexity to the catching part of the game, if anything we need more different catch screen animations.

8. Again, RNG. We don't need to have everything handed to us on a silver platter.

9. Dust is scarce for a reason, it gives effort a meaning and makes us optimize our resources instead of everyone just having 12 maxed out counters for everything. You should rely more on weather boosted wild catches if you're constantly out of dust. I have 4 full teams of Rayquaza counters (all with enough DPS to 3-man) and only 5/24 have ever received any dust, 3 of those being Dragonites that were powered up to be generalists.

10. Hoarding items is your choice, not a requirement. There is bound to be a good target for you to use rare candy and if it's not rare candy that's filling your inventory, it probably isn't worth hoarding to that extent.


A solution to the "bag is full" issue would be if they gave you an choice in options to reject certain items from pokestops. For example, you could tell them not to dispense regular poke balls, regular razz, nanabs, and regular potions. In that case you might often get nothing after spinning a stop or gym, but you wouldn't have to go into your inventory to delete the crappy items after each stop.


1. This is RNG. You're never guaranteed to catch anything, especially evolved forms of rare Pokemon. If they're of a higher level, the odds of catching go down even more. If you're seeing Mons instantly break out and flee on a constant basis, there's also a chance you've been softbanned.

2. There are some Mons (Metagross) that would be a lot more relevant if they had better moves. The other Mons you mentioned aren't very good because of their base stats. If Niantic does another rebalancing of CP, we're likely going to see some things get buffed and others nerfed. So keep that in mind. It's always a double-edged sword.

3. Weather is probably one of the best things they've added go the game. If you live in an area of the world that doesn't have much in terms of seasonal changes, then it's not quite as impactful in terms of Mon variety. But even then, weather boosted mons give people an incentive to hunt more.

4. Cloudy boosts fighting, fairy, and poison, and results in more Machop/Ralts spawns. What exactly is your problem here?

5. The gym system is lackluster, sure, and it needs more work, but as usual you're overreacting.

6. So keep fighting and overcome your opponent. Or don't, and skip on over to a different gym.

7. This isn't an issue with the game, this is just your personal bias. Learn how to throw at Mons who move to the right/left of the screen or be patient and wait for them to recenter.

8. If a Mon is dodging/attacking on contact, then you're not using the circle-freeze trick. Whining won't help that, but practice will.
Also, by "lvl 5 Pokemon" I'm assuming you're referring to legendaries? You know their base catch rates are 2%, right? So if you're pinap'ing them, you're gonna want to aim for excellent throws, not great. Having them break out instantly should not be a surprise.

9. If you're truly spending an entire day farming dust and only coming out with 30k, then you're doing it wrong. And a ball/berry drought? That is most certainly not a thing, unless you live in an area devoid of pokestops.

10. If you're constantly hitting your bag limit with 1400 available slots, then you're hoarding too much junk that you don't need. And since you're apparently experiencing a berry/ball drought, and I'm assuming you use a fair number of potions and revives given your complaint about people gold razzing gyms, then I'm surprised you're hitting your bag space limit so frequently. You're not one of those people who's hanging on to a dozen+ of each evo item, are you?


I agree with #2, but the rest are really non-problems for me. Sure I could make problems out of most of these but then I would be really nitpicking.