Ex Raids are not dead :(

In the upcoming update you can share an ex pass with 1 friend.
So who will be the next Ex boss?

Asked by gluglumaster1 week 3 days ago


Concerning who our next EX boss will be, nobody knows until we know (aka Niantic tells us). Personally, I think Arceus would be a good pick (though they'd have to change the rule about not being able to transfer mythical if this is the case), as it has powerful base stats, can take on any typing in the game, looks cool, and is a well-known Mon. I know some have suggested Deoxys, but I hope it isn't the one selected as the next EX boss. Deoxys is another novelty Mon with stupidly high attack and pathetically terrible bulk. Sure it has 4 different forms, but I don't see people being hyped over doing Deoxys raids in the long term, as it's usefulness will be nonexistent. Niantic would need something powerful and interesting enough to keep people caring about doing EX raids. Arceus fits the bill pretty nicely, I think.

The ghost pokemon had been released, and maybe a very small number of others. And in any case, there is absolutely no basis for your argument that they can't release Arceus until gen 4 is released. What if they decide to use Arceus to launch gen 4? He could either be the first gen 4 mon, or he could be released contemporaneously with a few other gen 4 mons.

I guess/hope that Gen 4 will be released before or at Halloween. Because whats the point of an Halloween-Special with all the Pkms we already have since last year? So maybe after the Mewto-Month there will be a Gen 4 Ex-Raid Boss...

So you both assume that Niantic is going to stop sending EX invitations for 2 months without any confirmation. Why would they include sharing EX invitations in the last update then?

They won't stop. But because Mewto is a normal Raid Boss, no one will care about Ex-Raids anymore... this is why you will be able to share invitations. This way at least someone will participate... IF this feature really will be implemented... its just a rumor...

Edit: But of course, this is all just speculation ;)

Sharing EX passes is already here (not live yet, but official in the last update). Definitely not a rumour.

And by the time Mewtwo month is over, we may very well see the launch of Gen 4 in October, paving the way for a Gen 4 EX raid boss. Besides, what Mon between Gens 1-3 would they even pick as a new EX boss? The only unreleased legendary/mythical would be Deoxys, whose EX raid hype would die within a month. They could reestablish Mewtwo as the EX raid boss, but after a solid month of Mewtwo as a regular tier 5 raid boss, the excitement factor of getting an EX pass for Mewtwo would be pretty much nonexistent.

Is there any confirmation that we won't get EX invitations over the next 2 months? Cause I may have missed that and I would be happy to skip EX eligible gyms. As far as I know they only missed one invitation.

There hasnt been a confirmation, but if u gonna see Mewtwos everywhere for a month, whats the point of getting an invitation for just 1?

EX raid passes never went out for this week, marking the first week without EX raids in quite awhile now. I'd say that's a good indicator that there won't be any at least until Mewtwo month is over.

I see very unlikely that they completely kill the feature for two months right after announcing that you can invite your friends to the EX raid. It's a possibility, yes... but it doesn't make sense.

I know it's in the update notes but have they actually announced the share feature yet? Given the inherent hostility people have to the EX system it seems like something that warrants being in the news ticker.

Mewtwo is only going to be a regular boss for a month, so perhaps he comes back as an EX boss after that month is over. That means People only need to care about the new EX boss for a month. And it can't be any less interesting than the Regis.

Shiny witch hat (cuz october) pikachu with sunglasses.

I think there’s a chance it could remain Mewtwo. The shiny variant and/or signature move locked behind EX-Raids instead of a community day window. It’d keep people going back to raid Mewtwo while everyone else who didn’t have one before will have one after the event.

That's an interesting interpretation. EX raids post Mewtwo month for Mewtwo with Psystrike and a 10% shiny chance would keep people interested. That could hold over for a while until Gen 4 is well embedded in the game and Arceus picks up the reins.

Did some new piece of news or update come out that I missed or is this in relation to the accept/deny bits of code datamined from the game master?

Either way, my money's on Deoxys. I think long term Arceus will become the EX boss at some point, but given we've yet to hear anything official about Gen 4 despite their blatant acknowledgement of it months ago via promo art I think it's a bit early to call Arceus as the next EX boss.

by hkn 1 week 3 days ago

Arceus. Iconic. Powerful. Has 18 forms, so a justified exception to the rule of one mythical per account. Will motivate trainers to spend.

Or maybe the weather trio with their signature moves. /s

It might still be Mewtwo. If that's the case, it's even better because no stress about missing it, and it's a free raid.