Double electric Mew?

I ended up with a decent IV Mew with Volt Switch/Thunderbolt. Having missed out on Raikou, I am toying with the idea of powering up Mew to add to my electric team. I do have Zapdos plus a maxed Ampharos & Jolteons & think Mew would be a tanky option but lack of STAB is worrying. Think I was fortunate to get a Mew with same type fast/charge moves, power up or not?

Asked by warpig16487 months 3 weeks ago


For electric offense, I’d say no. Volt Switch is very slow, not the greatest move by any means. Other electric types play that role better, I don’t think it’s worth it for added bulk


by Gotuso 7 months 4 weeks ago

Those moves are kinda lacking imho. Maybe if your Mew had Wild Charge and a better fast move, like Shadow Claw, Pound or Charge Beam?

Honestly it's not worth it to spend a ton of TMs to go from Thunder Bolt to Wild Charge. I'd sooner spend fast TMs to get a better quick move instead. Mostly because Fast TMs are less valuable then Charged TMs in my experience.

However, if you are going to change Thunder Bolt make sure you have other moves you can settle for. Something like Psyshock, Dragon Claw, Dark Pulse, Dazzling Gleam or Ice Beam. That way you risk only spending a few TMs on something your happy with. You would still need to change the fast move accordingly though. Again, make sure there are multiple moves you can settle for if you don't have a ton of TMS.

Either way, you can always power up Mew and see how a particular moveset works for you before deciding if you want to make changes. As far as we know you only get 1 Mew. So it's not like your wasting precious candy/stardust on something that will be replaced. Mew will never be the best but will always be special, so try him out and make adjustments over time according to your own playstyle.


I had the same though. That is the moves mine currently has. I ran the numbers on Pokebattler and even if i brought it to level 40 it would not be in the top 25 vs a Kyogre raid for me.

Its just not great at anything. Everything it could do some other pokemon can do better without spending a bunch of stardust and rare candy. If you really like it power it up but it is more of a novelty.


Piggybacking off this question, mine has Wild Charge, as i'm always short on CTMs, if i could get lucky and get Charge Beam as a fast move how would that rate as a Mewveset. I have 1 powered Raikou and no Zapdos at all


My daughter has a Mew with charge beam + thunderbolt. She was not interested in playing when Zapdos and Raikou could be caught, so her only decent electric type is her Jolteon. Her Mew does a surprisingly good job. Not sure how volt switch would work, but I recommend you try it, and if it does not go well fast TMs are not that hard to come by.
My frost breath + ice beam Mew is a fun little dragon slayer.
Mew may not be the best but he is fun to use, and isn't playing this game supposed to be about having fun?