Does weather boost rounding matter?

Some pokemon don't have quick moves that are divisible by 5 to account for a neat rounding for weather boost.

For Zapdos, Charge beam damage of 8 (+1.6) the number is rounded up neatly to +2

For machamp, counter damage of 12 (+2.4) rounds down to +2 as well

Is this rounded number being used in the calculation of subsequent damage or is the unrounded figure used?

And if the former (rounded number) is used, does it matter and will it make some previous right races even closer (such as Zapdos vs Raikou, with Zapdos getting more help from the quick move weather gain than raikou)

Asked by Lecafe881 year ago


Unrounded damage is used. You can check breakpoints for moves where a move damage breakpoint -1 is divisible by 5, e.g. Machamp v Tyranitar, Counter at level 36 reaches 16 damage, meaning the damage value in the formula has just crossed 15, as floor(15) + 1 = 16.

Switch to cloudy weather, and a 1.2x increase would result in a value of exactly 18, resulting in 19 damage at the exact same breakpoints that were previously 16 damage for all attack IVs.

If the rounded damage was used, then Counter when weather boosted would reach the breakpoint later as it wouldn't be receiving a 1.2x increase.


See here.