Does Defense Impact Attacking

I focus mainly on acquiring Pokemon with high attack stats. Defense does not appeal to me in any way. Does the Pokemon's defensive stat have any impact when you are attacking. I have a Machamp with a 15 for HP and Attack but a 9 for defense (15/15/9).Would this Machamp be just as effective at attacking as a Machamp with a 13 for a defensive state (15/15/13)?

Asked by apbgangsta1 year 4 months ago


13 Machamp, because of its higher defense, would survive slightly longer than the 9 Machamp. By virtue of surviving slightly longer, it'll get a couple more hits in before fainting and would therefore be slightly more effective at attacking.

However, if 9 Machamp had a better moveset, then I would invest in that one instead of the 13.


In fact, lower defence might be better, as HP loss causes energy gain, and that extra energy gain might make the difference in getting 1 more Dynamic Punch off.