Do i really need Ho-Oh??

I'm starin at my 2209 93% 15 Atk Ho-oh, sitting on 230 candies and almost 1mln dust. I already have: Lv 40 Moltres 100% FS\OH, Lv 40 Entei 96 FS\OH, Lv 40 and lv 35 Flareon 1st FS\OH 2nd FS\FT... There's a place for my ho-oh ore it would be only a waste of dust??

Asked by Peppemang107 months 4 weeks ago


No, you don't need ho-oh. Not with its current moveset.

I don't see what Niantic were trying to accomplish giving it that move set, where they expected it to fit in the meta. Infact i doubt Niantic take the meta into consideration at all, not while they let people buy legendaries like confetti and rub their fingers together as the money rolls in.

Absolutely not. Unless Ho-Oh is your favorite Pokemon and it would bring you unparalleled joy to trot out its uninspiring moves time and again, save your dust.

Imo you have to have atleast one maxed out ho oh. I mean come on its fcking ho oh...

Pokebattler lists ES/BB Ho-Oh as a top-6 Machamp counter, if you are trying to do those solos. I've powered one to L30 for that purpose

If you want a Groudon Counter and you do not have Gyarados or Exeggutor or you just have nothing left to do, Sure. Otherwise, no.

It is the exactly time now to power up HoOh!
It resisted all 3 charge moves of Groudon! It has full usage until 1/15/2018!

Well, so the only purpose is Groudon or Machamp Raids... Well for groudon I have 2 WF/Hp Gyarados @ lvl40, and 2 @ lvl 30, an exegg at level 40 and a legacy C/SB @ lvl 30 (should I max him?! Probably not).
For Champs i’m Pretty set with a lvl40 (76% 11atk Conf/SBall Mewtwo, 2 lvl 40 Zams, a lvl 40 espeon and my lugia which I also use for SB Groudon... so maybe... Just wait?!

Well, of course.

Lacking a Lugia, I'm going to power up my level 25 Ho-Oh once I can TM it to ES/BB. Have enough Ho-Oh candy to get it to level 29 before I tap into Rare Candy. Will help with Machamp Raids.

(Caught 9 Ho-Ohs in 11 successful raids. How many had Brave Bird? None. Why am I so often the statistical outlier? That's a 2.6% chance, about the same odds as getting a 98% or better mon from an egg or a raid.)

But for Groudon, Dragonite is comparably good, with similar stats, comparable attacks (SB with Weakness is almost exactly equal to DT/O for cycle damage), and more general utility. If I want a non-grass high stat mon with Solar Beam, I think Groudon will fill that role better than Ho-Oh (although Ho-Oh does have some good resistances, as well as a few weaknesses, that Groudon does not have).

Unfortunately, Dragonite is weak to literally half of all Groudon raids with Dragon Tail as its feared Quick Move. They put it down quickly. The bright side is that Dragonite double resists its other Quick Move.

Based on experiences so far, DT is not an issue, just like sims said it wouldn't be. Most of the damage comes from the charge moves, which Dragonite tanks like a champion. Been very happy with them in my 2nd Groudon team.

I personally think you can't really go wrong with a Ho-Oh. You have a very impressive Fire-type lineup, but then Ho-Oh doesn't really fall into that category. Entei serves as the tanky Fire-type, and Moltres serves as the DPS, and the Flareons clear gyms. Ho-Oh has a strange movepool but incredibly high BST. You can use it as a wacky generalist with SW or ES + Solarbeam, or put it into a few niche uses, such as ES/BB for a Machamp demi-anchor.

I caught a 98% Groudon, 15 Atk with DT(immediately FTMed) and SolarBeam. I wanted to power that Groudon as a SB user instead of Ho-Oh... I was just asking about his performances in battle.. I know i’m fine with Fire Types, but I wanted to know if the other 2 Movesets were worth my 218k dust.. that’s all... And according to your answers I guess i’ll wait a bit more... who knows, maybe he’ll get some better moves like a Quick Flying move.. That would be insane for a Ho-Oh with that attack stat... thank you all guys! Loving the spirit of this site and the way it can help a old lvl 40