Ditto and Legendary

So, I read that if you use a Ditto in a Legendary raid, it will transform into said Legendary.
But what happens if a defening Ditto encounters a Legendary as itts first opponent? Would it be a way to introduce legendaries in gym defense?

Asked by Grimgroove4 months 3 weeks ago


Technically yes, though obviously it only works if your opponent leads with a Legendary into Ditto (instead of switching to something weak) despite being able to see that Ditto is the next battle. On top of that, it will be significantly less bulky than an actual Legendary because Ditto retains its level, HP and IVs.


by Laku 4 months 4 weeks ago

Yeah, I've done that few times when I have encountered Ditto in a gym. Although it's not exciting as it sounds, battling a legendary Pokemon with same type but less hp still makes it pretty pushover :P


by pipjay 4 months 4 weeks ago

The transform resets each fight, so it only becomes a legend if the attacker is leading with a legend.


See what happens when you select a ditto vs a ditto :). I tried that for fun and believe I got absolutely nowhere.