Did I get a soft ban?

I closed the app while trying to see if I wanted to catch something. I forgot about it and drove home. Now I opened the app and cannot interact with a stop and everything flees. That’s a crappy way to get a ban. What do I do?

Asked by daltry4 weeks ago


Turn off and restart the game .... you probably lost cell signal while driving.... if that fails delete the app and reinstall .... doubt you got a ban front driving.... besides the first ban doesn’t restrict you from catching common Pokémon


Yes, they are adding the code for new features, and the game has been particularly buggy lately. Worst one (for me) is the weather disappears. Wouldn't be so bad, except that whatever should be weather buffed then isn't. Rebooting the game sometimes helps.

Another good option is to power down the phone and then restart it. That won't cure memory leaks, but it will allow the phone to start fresh with no leaked memory.


This happens to me every two or three days, particularly when I'm in a car or on the bus. I lost a weather boosted CP661 Wild Larvitar, an Ultra Ball and a Silver Pinap (after a Great Curveball throw) on Sunday due to this error.

Seems to just happen at random, not in particular locations, not when GPS signal gets lost, now when the Cell signal gets interrupted, not at any particular speeds, no pattern to it that I can predict. Seems to last for 5-10 minutes then everything go back to normal.

Bloody aggravating.