The day High IV mons spawn was this day ?

I caught a lot mons which have decent IV (82,2%) to equal (91.1%) or higher than what i desire ^v^ and its stil continue to being spawn out ! What is this day even today not a celebrate day ?
P/S: Mons i caught :
Grimers(3): 1 of 3 to Muk and totally worst than Ash's Muk with move Infes/DaP T-T
Staryus(12): tranfer for candies
Donphans(2): earning and w8ing :3
Gastlies(3): evolved 2 of 3 to 2 "laughing ghost" with SP/SB both, last one cant cause im out off candies TwT
1 Koiking: evolved to Gayrados B/HP (is she worth ???)

Asked by shote13691 year 2 months ago


I'm still remembered on last November. I was going to stop playing this game but at that time before I clicked a button to exit the game I saw a Dratini then I caught it and it turned out having 100%iv. After that I'm stop playing the game for quite a while before I come back.

Not here! Lover IV than usually. Even got my first 0 % Magnemite.

I've just caught 88.9% iv Lapras with Frost Breath/Blizzard! :o