Curiosity: Double XP or Tired of Rayz

I'm curious what people are doing with Green bought passes atm.

Are you raiding hardcore because of double xp?

Are you saving the passes for whatever legendary is next?

Asked by Arak26 months 1 week ago


by Arak2 6 months 1 week ago

Thumb up: Raiding hardcore for Double XP

Thumb down: Saving green passes for whatever next

What about neither - saving green passes for wind buffed Rayquaza, otherwise saving them and using free passes.

Soloing T3 bosses & Duos of Charizard (since they'll likely change up at the end of the week)

Because Rayquaza leaves and the current raid pool is made up of windy mons because Rayquaza won the competition. Reasonable assumption that they leave although I hope not.

I haven't saved my passes for what comes next, since I find what comes next to be not worth premium passes anyway. That said, I did spend them on Rayquaza to get a double/triple raid in a lucky egg but I do only up to 3 (varying between 0-3) raids a day during this double xp event.

by gibell 6 months 1 week ago

Max raiding this week to get the best Rayq possible! I'm level 40 so lucky eggs go in the trash! Next legendaries look worse than the green pencil dragon.

To be blunt, I'm burnt out on big group raiding. I still love Tier 3's though. I really hope this Quest system thing comes soon and doesn't suck

> I'm burnt out on big group raiding
That's exactly what is great about rayquaza, you only need 3-4 people for it, maybe 5 if you don't know others.

I raid with casual auto-battlers that horde stardust and TMs instead of using them to maximize DPS and type effectiveness. I'm not even sure they understand type effectiveness tbh.

They are great at organizing raids with enough people that it's impossible to fail though, bless their hearts

by Sebhes 6 months 1 week ago

Trying to do Alakazam and Claydol raids, because it is challanging.

Bad performance on my phone a few days ago, beat PC/FS Alakazam with 3 secs left...done most (if not all) Alakazams before but anything can happen with lag and usually winning with 10 sec or less

Guess this one first (not in this order) missed it by a second or two. Vacation in Miami, so didn't know of a raid map. Had a lucky egg going and didn't want to waste time to check if it had confusion. Added a 2202 SC/SB Gengar to lead off the next time since it was PC. Might have switched something else, too? I barely care--not recording accomplishments, have loads of passes, at 18 mil XP, so mainly for points

Confusion is a notable difference compared to Psycho Cut. It allows for less error and you'll need Pokemon to get you ahead of the clock, in this case Gengar works very well indeed.

Well I bought the big boxes with the idea to save them for future raids but ended up using them all to take advantage to hit lvl 40.
Its cool to be lvl 40
Not so cool to not have access to excessive amount of raid passes that were a good deal.
But like others said there aren't any raid bosses in the near future that are worth grinding for so I guess its ok.
Also if you don't have a couple of great Rayquazas I wouldn't focus on saving passes.

I start to play more casually now, only play active on weekend
So i buy those premium pass for weekend raid, it is a good deal imo because i just want the pass, i dont need lucky egg anymore, already in lv 40, but i hate to throw things so i use it everytime i open pogo
Using free pass for weekdays, but i dont mind using it for machamp, alakazam, and claydol solo if i find one, more interesting than 3 man rayquaza that i did whenever other trainer agreed to do that. Not interested in duo that beast though, i just want to relax and enjoying the game rather than hardcore grinding for the stardust again

I’m just raiding for candy for my perfect RayQ,
I’m already level 39 and never cared about xp since 30
Besides whatever comes next is not better than ray

On vacation, so access to Rayquaza has been limited for 5 or so days. Won 2 with my brother and nephew, but lost a boosted one yesterday. I have 34 premium passes and 44 lucky eggs. 2 million xp to 40...I don't have a lot of free time to raid, otherwise I might do 10 raids (any level) a day for the next 3 days. Actually have a dual need for the raids though, xp and rare candy...will probably keep me from slumming the tier 1s and 2s.

I'm not that interested in Rayquaza raids but do them when it's convenient for the exp and raid rewards. Other than that I'm spending my passes on tier 3's. Whatever comes next is unlikely to be worth saving passes for but if it's good, I can always buy more passes.

Like others, I'm answering (3).

My RNG with Rayquaza has gone down the toilet since the Dratini event, so I'm only doing them when I can do 2-3 at a time and use a Lucky Egg. Mostly I'm doing it to get CTM's and Rare Candies. (which... I'm not getting either. Sigh. Bleep you, RNG, bleep you.)

Mostly, I'm waiting for the next Legendary before I really start to spend the Raid Passes.