community event + mewtwo pointer?

sorry if it's already been posted somewhere

so pikachu with surf is going to be spawning during a three hour window on the weekend at parks. So if you see a crap load of pikachu during that window you know that niantic recognizes it as a park. Furthermore if you have a bunch of people catching pikachu at a park and there is a raid it makes it a pretty good chance that to gen an ex raid.

is this niantics way of herding people to ex-raid eligibility?

Asked by Frostystuff11 months ago


Niantic can spawn a Mewtwo in each level 12 cell during the event, no ex raid passes are required to join.


The could but i dont see them doing it. They're wedded to the ex raid model. The above could be a way to keep face while essentially giving most people an invite. At the very least, simple observation will clue people in more as to which gyms to raid.