Charged TM Question

I just got a charged TM and wanted to use it on one of two Pokemon. Which is the better option?

96% IV Golem, Rock Throw/Earthquake
96% IV Espeon, Zen Headbutt/Psybeam

Both Pokemon are level 30. I was originally going to do the Golem to have double rock but I started thinking that at least the Golem is usable against Arcanine and other raid Pokemon. The Espeon with psybeam is pretty much worthless. I will also add that I have both a Rhydon and Alakazam maxed out and don't care about defense right now. Which Pokemon is better to use the charged TM on?

Asked by Luke416x9 months ago


I have a RT/SE Golem and evolved 2 extra Eevees because of the the Psybeam on my high level one. In my opinion, they are both relatively easy pokemon to come by. So i would not use it on either, but because of how many candy it takes.... i would go not go with either. But i understand your feeling i battle with not using my charged on the same scenario.

Yeah I have a few other Golem but seeing how dust is the limiting reagent to powering up Pokemon. These two I have are already high CP and can fight raid bosses. The other Pokemon on my raid teams have been fortunate enough to have good charge moves.

Golem. It is much easier to find a high level Eevee than a high level Geodude.
Also, you are guaranteed a good move for Golem, but not for Espeon.

I have 2x Zh/Psychic and 1x C/Psybeam Espeon...

I've always felt it's safer to just get more Eevees than change Psybeam in case moves change again so I would leave Psybeam as is since it's still a 2 bar move...If they changed the speed a bit and bump it up a bit to not be so bad, it would be a better move than Future Sight IMO since it's easier to fire off 2 bars than get 100 energy for a 1 bar move.

You could wait till the weekend and if Legendary Birds make an appearance, you could TM your Golem then...

I TMed a 97% RT/EQ Golem myself since I have an army of Rhydons already (from previous gym meta) and would only want a Golem with double rock...I also was concerned if rock moves get shifted out (I actually wanted Rock Blast since I already have 1 SE Golem already).

If Rhydon gets a rock quick move, it would be better than Golem instantly...

by GS1 9 months ago

Golem no brainer. You'll get SE or RB, both good.