Can't wait for the next nest migration!

I track 14 nests that I can hit either while traveling to/from work, or at lunch. This last nest migration, 13 of them are gen 1 trash, and 1 is HootHoot.
This has been a really wasted 2 weeks as far as nests have been concerned.

Asked by ckcsonr1 year 2 months ago


My nearest nest is a Houndour nest, which I am very happy about. Got my first Houndoom is less than 15 minutes. But yeah, it can change now (I want an Exeggcute nest).

My houndour nest was pretty big and it turned into a rattata nest!! This happened last migration! I really hope this doesn't happen to you!

No nests in my small town of course. I never see any rares here either. I have been notified of a Bulbasaur nest not too far from where I work, though, so I plan on going there sometime this week. Would like to finally have a Venusaur.

We have two here about 30 mins away. It's crazy looking at the amount of nests large cities have clustered around one another. Been waiting here for machops since the beginning. Only caught about 5 wild since release. Good luck on that venusaur!

Easy: I only started playing 6 weeks ago! I plan on hitting level 27 tomorrow, so I haven't been lazy. :-)

You should probably check your town in Open streen maps, it's probably not marked properly. As long as there are some spawns, if you mark the town's parks, lakes, etc correctly you should get (at some point) nests in there.

Please be responsible with your editing, don't put anything that's not actually there!!

I have only one nest in my town and it is now Chikorita nest! I was so happy, but since I have enough candy I'm really looking forward to next migration.

The nest near me is also Chikorita and I've gotten 350 candies from it so far. Not even one of them has been above 66%, but that's ok.. I'll be ready if I ever hatch a good one. (Which also answers the question someone asked about hoarding stardust.)

by Lucos_ 1 year 2 months ago

My nearest nest is Slugma and after that Shuckle, so yeah cant wait !

The current nest migration has been a great one for me. One park changed from a Growlithe nest to currently Cyndaquil. The other park that I frequent often is a Teddiursa nest right now.

I've been grinding at both parks switching it up every other day. Catching and accumulating candy for when trading comes.

My closest nest is a huge Weedle nest. Needless to say, I was pissed when I found out. Hoping for starters, Machop, or Omanyte.

The best nearby nest spawns charmanders.... planning to visit it again before Wed evening around 7 EDT.

P.S. Too bad work interferes with poke hunting!

by Celt 1 year 2 months ago

I have a regional park by me that's a busy nest. Went from whooper to magikarp at the last migration.

So at least I picked up 4 gyrados this time.