Can we check IV stat of Slakoth's family in GymHuntr?

Hi, I got a level 35 Slakoth but I do not sure his exactly IV stat. Then I put him in a gym and check by But it's not working. When I click to his name/cp there's nothing happen. I check another pokemon by this way and it's working fine. I tried to find another gym that already defended by Slakoth and got the same problem. Any idea?

Asked by Goetvina10 months ago


Why not just use calcyIV/pokegenie or the IV calculator on this site?

If Gymhuntr's IV scanning isn't working it's probably because they haven't updated it for gen 3.


Because there are cases where IV calculators cannot narrow down to one set of IVs without power ups, for example Pokemon with 10 CP and HP, and there's no indicator as to how many power ups it'll take before it can find the exact IVs.

IV scanners give you exact IVs with no investment and are always accurate since they get the data from Niantic's servers.


Yes, I used Calcy IV before that and got the result ranging from 67-78%. That why I decide to use Gymhuntr. And it's working fine on another Gen 3 pokemon, including Vigoroth. Never seen Slaking in my area and cannot try it.