Buddy distance unchanged

My bagon still has 5k as its buddy distance, is it you earn 4 candies for the distance, or the distance it quartered? please help me

Asked by MetagrossMaxis4 months 3 weeks ago


You are not the only one. I guess it gives a candy every quarter of the normal distance walked.

Edit: a friend got 2 candies and the meter is still halfway.


I noticed the same thing - I finished out a 5km walk after Adventure Week started and started a new one and it is still showing 5km/candy. Usually a restart of the program takes care of problems like this but I am still seeing 5 KM after the restart.


Same for me, but I think a similar thing happened last time. My guess: the distance is unchanged, but the progress counter goes doubly fast.


by Rykion 4 months 3 weeks ago

Pretty sure you'll get 4 candies for the 5k distance or whatever distance is required. I got a candy and my meter is barely past a quarter. So distance is unchanged but you'll still earn the extra candy as promised.


by DrAzzy 4 months 3 weeks ago

My ralts is correctly doing 1.25km for a candy.

There are always display glitches when they first start an event like this, but it sorts itself out, or you can restart app if impatient.