Blissey power-up question

Ok, currently I have 60 Chansey's candies and I'm tempted to evolve another Chansey or power-up my best Blissey a little bit. So, I need some opinions from the community. :)

I have two Blisseys at the moment, as follows (IVs are for A/D/S):

L33 --- 67% IV (14/05/11) --- ZH/DG
L32.5 --- 93% IV (15/15/12) --- ZH/DG
(The L33 one was caught in wild "as is")

Also I have a good IV (but low level) Chansey:

L21 --- 91% IV (15/13/13)

In the long run, is a better investment to power up the 93% Blissey? Or making a third Blissey (and gradually powering her up) is the right thing to do?


Asked by Yggdrasil7 months 3 weeks ago


by JEFFXU 7 months 3 weeks ago

Considering the current gym system, the number of blissey is not somthing important. So if you really want to use those candis i d suggest power up the 151512 bliisey just because it s a really good one and your best one as well. i d like to max out at least one bliisey just to make it easier to choose every time I open my dex XD (ranked by CP)


Sadly Blissey max CP is not super competitive once you max more mons...she used to be at the bottom of my first page, now she's on the bottom of my second page, so far it's not been an issue for me to quickly dump her into the gym, but I think sooner or later that 1s might cost me :(


You have only 60 candy, which is not enough to make a decent defender out of the lvl 21 Chansey. Therefore, you could better power up the lvl 32.5 one.


Why even "power up" the level 32.5 blissey? I guess if the 60 candies are burning a hole in your pocket...

"Power up" the chansey with the 60 candies, and then you have two good defenders, for what it's worth.


I have a couple of L34 Chansey that make a decent job defending, but that's a good idea too, because that Chanseys mentioned have mediocre IVs and not worth powering up.


by antgoo 7 months 3 weeks ago

Well evolving the Chansey would lead to a fairly weak Blissey that isn't likely to deter anyone from attacking the gym. If you have the ability to continue to get candies and power it up then that might be fine if you have a need for 3 Blissey. If not I would just power up there better iv of the other two Blissey.


Well according to this site, the best defenders are between 1400-2200 CP due to CP decay. A fresh high level Blissey can still stop some players, but there are probably more players with 6 Machamps. I personally wouldn't waste my resources on one, especially because it's normally the first Pokemon put in any gym as it is. I try and put a Pokemon that compliments Blissey in gyms, such as my level 40 100% Clefable with zh/dg. She is SE against most of the top attackers.


I would max the 93% Blissey. I'm hearing a lot of comments about the "current gym system", but consider this: You've just gotten your coins for today, it's about 8:00pm, and you want to make sure the gym doesn't go down until 12:01am. THAT'S what a Blissey is for.

Scenario two: You're holding down a gym before a raid or an EX-Raid. You (or someone else) are berrying and you want to make sure you gave enough time to keep feeding or to not hit the berry cap. THAT'S what a Blissey is for.

In both of these scenarios, 1) You need to give the defender a hard time 2) Berrying may be important and CP decay doesn't have a lot of time to undergo 3) You are only really concerned with one gym. In scenario two, the high decay rate will actually work in your favor because it will incentive getting taken down after 12:01 if you stop berrying. Because of this, it's better to invest in a singular, bigger, badder Blissey than several - The way I see it you only really need one "best" Blissey, whereas other 'mons can do the work for other gyms. Don't get me wrong, I have 3 >2900CP Blisseys too, but I only maxed out one to 3219 because THAT Blissey is reserved for rollerover coins or holding raid gyms.


Thanks guys for all sugestions!
I have powered up the 93% one to L36 and (my level is 34) and, since then, she had done a really great job defending, usually getting me the 50 daily coins after midnight.