The "big 19" basic explanation – Heracross (week: 4-2) – How about other movesets with various types?

Flareon week: & &
Golem week: & & &
Exeggutor week: & & &
Heracross week:

Heracross is a good attacker into Blissey, but we are now comparing the general DPS:
Counter/CC: 28.819 DPS
SB/CC: 24.905 DPS
Counter/Megahorn: 28.439 DPS
The unable to learn moveset:
Counter/DP: 30.841 DPS
Close Combat will likely to be even better in the Blissey match-up, thus makes Megahorn inferior in most cases. Struggle Bug, pretty bad on attack.

And the DPS against Blissey:
Counter/CC: 15.129 DPS

Machamp and Heracross have same base ATKs, it means that if both Heracross and Machamp have Counter/CC, they will have the same DPS. Machamp is better because it has a better moveset: Counter/DP.

Next post, is still Heracross!

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Heracross is a specialis. It is used for its double-fight moveset with STAB and SE only.
It makes no sense to compare general DPS of other types movesets, there is no realistic scenario in which these numbers would make sense.

Counter/CC: 28.819 DPS
SB/CC: 24.905 DPS
Counter/Megahorn: 28.439 DPS

By the way: 61.4215762 % of all statistics reflect an accuracy that is not justified by the data base.

Bro..this has nothing to do with defense stat

It's like comparing the DPS of Water Gun Vaporeon vs the DPS of Poison Jab Muk against Rhydon, it makes no sense

Hope the day when you finally finish this "Big 19" comes soon.

Half time now. 9.5 Pokemon still missing.....
....well, not really "missing", this might be the wrong wording. Unfortunately, i am not a native speaker. :-)