The Better Groudon

With Groudon leaving and people only wanting to raid Kyogre, which would be the better Groudon to power up?

A 15Atk/15Def/13HP

Or a 15Atk/14Def/15Hp

Asked by MoxZero10 months ago


15 attack and defence in my opinion. In majority of cases they'll perform the exact same, the difference of 2 stamina IV at level 40 is only a 1 HP difference, but if the extra defence could mean the difference between reaching a defensive quick move breakpoint, reducing 1 damage on every quick move would result in higher survivability.

You can't go wrong with either, there'd be next to no difference compared to a perfect one, plus you could just power both of them, give one Solar Beam and one Earthquake.


Depending on raid boss fast move, an attacking pokemon might only take 2 or 3 fast moves before being hit by the charge move. It's impossible to say which bulk stat is more valuable without a very thorough analysis.