Are TMs just not dropping as raid rewards anymore???

Are TMs just not dropping as raid rewards anymore???
I've soloed 13 or 14 level 3 raids over the last week, plus a legendary raid and a level 4 with friends - and not even ONE TM as a reward for any of it.
Seems that rare candies have increased a bit as rewards, but no TMs.
Anyone else noticing this?

Asked by MadNorseman2 months 1 week ago


by hkn 2 months 1 week ago

I got 4 FTMs from the 5 Articuno raids and a CTM from a tier 3 just two days ago.

I just drove around looking for anything to raid since I didn't find anything yesterday...yeah, ended up doing an Omanyte at a Sprint EX spot. I drove about a 15 mile loop past 35+gyms. Other than the Omanyte I only saw 4 Regice and 1 Mawile...finally after I finished grocery shopping I saw a Jolteon hatch. Soloed it bc had the extra pass and sunny weather, had 21 secs to spare.

Obviously no TMs. I'm really done spending money ever again on the game. The gas is quite enough, they want to have playing suck this week (month) for the Go Fest HYPE, but just bsXbs

I think what really ticked me off, yesterday I spun a field 3 raids and get 8 revives. FU Niantic, this Celebi quest isn't something I'm going to spend a penny on

There are good quests and bad quests. Niantic has an interesting idea about reward balance but that just means you trash the bad quests and do the good quests.

I trashed that task when I saw it. I'm a fairly strong 40, two other accounts are now at 35. I just feel they are going to have to give me an incentive to pay/play more--level increase, something other than Regis, some sort of raid map. Driving around looking for raids shouldn't be a part of any game.

Celebi is going to proceed at a F2P pace, beyond that probably look for the level increase. Some banked that getting to 50 mil XP would pay off, I'm just going to have to see even one thing go in that direction to believe that it'll matter***Also in America we have last eggs hatch at 645pm. Doesn't get dark til 845pm. I might be able to make it to an authentic walk/catch and see a raid scenario at 8pm...impossible here

The only point I'll really agree with you on is the raid curfew. Why in the fresh hell is 6:45 last call for raids here? I've been to other parts of the world, I've seen raids there carry on past sundown. It sucks coming home from work around 5:45-6 and feeling like I have to rush to find a raid before the end of the evening.

504am here, I’m deciding whether to go catch/gym and then possibly raid. If there was a good raid boss out there and a reason to accumulate XP, then I would (often previously had). ***I knocked a 3am spoofer out of 6 gyms. Still didn’t see any doable raids or tier 3 or 4 eggs. 27 gyms sighted on my way to and fro. Highlight, caught a 666 Gligar. Another ridiculous task spun, beat a tier 3 or higher and get 3 hyper potions. ---These were the spoofer gyms, maybe 12 coins for a gallon of gas, plus I can't see when some decent eggs will arrive--not even for an hour. My other Blisseys were tied up at 4 other gyms, however if I did double/triple place at the spoofer ones I could have been entertained feeding 50 GRB to the ones I knew were spoofer controlled, each time I needed 20 more seconds to get a berry in there

Just doesn't make any sense to complain about the bad quests when we also have gems like the Absol, Chansey and Lickitung quests, some that give rare candy and TMs just for some gym fighting etc.

F2P doesn't mean casual. I completed Mew within 30 hours of its release without spending any money on it due to the raid counter glitch, but even without that a F2P could easily have had 800 coins saved to get the same speed.

I did a Ttar raid today with a friend.. we got 2 CTMs and 2 FTMs today between us. But yes this time does suck for raids. I don’t even try to do Regice. I did him enough I would rather do Ttars or Absol.

I was looking for Tyranitar, Absol, Golem, literally anything on my 80-90 min trip. The Jolteon I did turned out fittingly...1495cp 11a/10/11 and it had thunder.

I still like doing the occasional Machamp. Although even if I got a good one, 95%+, I wouldn’t even want to power it up and save the stardust.

It can just be bad luck on your part. I had a similar dry spell on TMs last autumn. Haven't noticed any difference now, been getting a steady stream of TMs from raids.

RNG just playing around with me
Need CTM so bad at Articuno day to change my last 2 Tyranitar Smackdown that has Crunch. No luck
Yesterday doing Tyranitar raid, it give me 2 CTM, damn..

Yeah this is happening to me as well.

Gained a grand total of 1 CTM and 1 FTM in six raids during Articuno Day. Since then I've participated in three Regices and one Absol raid and received 1 CTM from them.

I got 6 CTM's during Articuno day out of 10 raids but I have the same luck as you with Tier 3's. Haven't gotten a CTM from a T3 solo in months. It's pretty lame that one of the most challenging activities in the game is the least reliable way to get CTMs

Got 2 CTMs doing 8 Articuno raids on Saturday, and yesterday did an Onix and got 2 CTMs! Had a dry spell, but they are coming back now. Probably just RNG.


I got 4 TM's in total over 17 Articuno raids during the Articuno event. Then I did a Mawlie raid and an Onix raid in the past 3 days and got 4 TM's.

It's just "R"NG - where the R stands for "It Isn't Exactly The Same Every Time Nor Is It Predictable Ergo By Definition It Is Random Never Mind All The Weird Clustering And Times Where You Will Go An Extreme Amount Of Time Or Events With A Specific Results Or Lack Of Result That Is All Part Of Random What Part Of Random Do You Not-Wait That Is A Bit Too Aggressive Sorry It's All Random Trust Us We Know How to Prgoram We're Professionals Here."

all i can get are Fast TMs. i wasn't really paying attention and found out i had 32 of them. have no need for them, or that many.

i cannot for the life of me get a Charged TM. i am still sitting on 3 tyranitars that i evolved during the Larvitar event to get Rock/Rock Ttars. however all 3 have fire charged move and i cannot get a charged TM to change them. i did 21 articuno raids on Articuno day and not 1 single TM dropped. have done a ton of raids since Larvitar day.... no charged TMs.