Anyone else got non-regional or non alolan on 7 KM?

I know we have a chance to get regionals but I got a Tangela from a 7KM. I feel so cheated and frustrated, I've reset my game several times hoping the sprite would change but to no avail. Anyone else having this infuriating experience? I feel I got cheated out of Kangaskhan, since Tangela comes before her on the pokedex.

Asked by GUELOBOWLER1 week 1 day ago


Unfortunately you aren't alone. I've seen Tangela and Porygon being reported as 7k hatches. Hopefully this is a fluke that will be remedied before next week or something. Kangaskhan is my last 151 as well, I don't need to have its odds diminished because a couple non-regional, non-Alolan Pokemon made their way into the mix.

Tangela has also been added to the 7km egg pool. Think positively, it's a much better hatch than any of the Alolan pokemon.

As much as I would like to share the positive, I used a Purple Incubator for an egg that I use the infinite on (5KM), thanx, but tangela isn't a priority, not considering its also a raid boss (or was before this cycle). Hope you have better luck than me :)

I'm not using incubators on this since my gen 1 dex was already complete and the rates seem bad anyway. Thanks for the good luck wishes anyway, hope your luck gets better.

Just a word on Tangela, its evolution in gen 4 has a lot of meta potential so it could be quite the valuable pokemon. I went out of my way to do every single raid I saw and I'd still be happy to hatch more of them.

The only Pokemon unfound by myself was Tauros, got it with my first hatch. Back to retirement I guess.

Tangela is a great hatch when keeping Gen4 into account.