Any ways to sort out perfect IVs?

So I use Poke Rater keyboard for iOS, so I name my perfect IVs with a made up name and 15\15\15 symbols, but can't sort them out, to see the list of all my perfects. I don't wanna to name my mons "perfect" or "100" or anything similar, and PokeGo can't sort out mons with special symbols. Any suggestion to make this work? Maybe, some kind of special symbol that can be displayed properly when you search for it?

Asked by spaunshadie6 months ago


A searchable prefix on the names is currently the only way. Pogo has a bad search so it'll only return names that start with what was typed.

Edit: I use [letter]% for things like this because I don't want them to appear at the top, I just want them to be searchable. My name sort is reserved for top 12 attackers followed by all my good defenders. s% for hundo, n% for zero, p% for non-hundo powerup target at the moment.


For perfects I put a . (Dot) in front of everything else, for defenders !, for transfer once dead the first letter of the word transfer in my language.

Unfortunately you have to type the exact string of symbols to search for it in Pogo.


My hundos start with % - rarely more letters if ambiguity with moveset (eg 2 perfect dragonite one with DM the other with Outrage). Very quick to bring them all up (when I'm looking for candidates for power up task).


"and PokeGo can't sort out mons with special symbols"

as others have said, it sorts punctuation first. So I name mine with exclamation marks.

My 100% Venusaur is named:
! Frenzy Plant


I use hex (hexadecimal) for the IVs, which, ironically, is just what the game does, being on computers. The digits in hex are 0123456789ABCDEF, covering values 0-15. 10 in hex is 16, 11 is 17, and 1A is 26, etc. So a perfect, with stats 15/15/15, would simply be FFF. I lead with this, so to see all my perfects, I just search on FFF, and there they are. Additionally, I can remember certain ones. For example, my Lapras with legacy Ice Beam has stats EDD (14 stamina, 13 attack, 13 defense in my notation), so when I want to use him, I type EDD (and I think of him as Ed).

Plus, just using 3 characters for the IV leaves me more space for moves and level. So Ed above has the name EDD-FbIb30, and I know the stats (EDD, as above), moveset (Frost Breath/Ice Beam), and level (30).

Other names can be simpler, like GymDD (or Gym Disposable Defender), or, for the perfect Magicarp I caught on Monday, FFF-30 (cause the moveset of an unevolved Gyarados doesn't matter).

Coincidentally, my Vibrava also has stats EDD, so it comes up when I call up Ed, but easy to know the difference.


I use symbols to differentiate special Pokémon. All my perfect ones start with the star symbol and it works out fine, showing them at the beginning of the list


I save those for either legacy moves or c-day exclusives
Anything lower than 100% IVs just gets its percentage as the first row of characters but it rounds down much better to 98% or 96%, etc.


I start all my 100% with Per as in perfect. It makes searching them out simple. Unless I pick up a few Persian it has been foolproof.