Ancient question about dodging and raids

So for more than a year now I have always have the doubt if you keep hitting the Raid Boss or not when you succesfully evade a charged move from the Raid Boss (in a 2+ player fight) but the app decides to hit you after a couple of seconds and you're left with no pokemon hitting the screen for the remaining seconds of health that the Pokemon should have had.

Is it recommended to try and dodge a charged move when you don't have enough HP to handle the hit head on?


Asked by xplinter3 weeks 3 days ago


The dodge bug is still present so no. In multi-person raids I only attempt dodges if I know I'd survive the hit regardless. Successfully dodging an attack that would otherwise KO you is actually what triggers the glitch.


You can use your fast moves but not charge moves. At least thats what I heard.


For the vast majority of cases, you are better off not dodging in raids anyway. Raids are a race against time, and dodging usually hurts DPS more than it helps it, even with glass cannons.


In the vast majority of cases you're wrong here.

If dodging a charge move allows your high DPS Pokemon to get off an additional charge move (or two) before dying, it's almost always beneficial to your overall DPS.

Having my level 40 15 attack Shadow ball Mewtwo get off an extra Shadow ball against a raid Mewtwo, instead of letting a level 32 Tyranitar get in at the end of my battle of party and use a crunch, is a huge boost to my DPS.

Most players don't have a full team of maxed out ideal counters. Most players have notable disparity in the DPS of their top 6, and the bigger that disparity the bigger the benefit to dodging a charge move on your highest DPS Pokemon.


by hkn 3 weeks 3 days ago

Deliberately triggering the dodge glitch may be useful in two situations:
1. You have many Hyper/Max Potions but few Revives. Switch to your next attacker; after the fight, you will see that the affected attacker did not faint.
2. The raid group is ahead on the clock but you need to avoid (due to device issues) or significantly delay (for tier 4 duos) wiping out.