Ampharos: why Zap Cannon over Thunder?

I just evolved my level 30 91%IV Mareep into Ampharos and i got CB/ZC (Best attacking moveset based on gamepress), but I'm wondering why, because Thunder has higher DPS and it's faster.

Asked by AnonYmous1 year ago


Both are one bar, but Zap Cannon is much stronger (140 v. 100). Thunder definitely feels a little underpowered since the last rebalance.

I believe the dps for zap cannon on this website might be wrong. Everywhere else I've looked (I also have a zap cannon ampharos) says higher. I'm maxing mine out anyways cuz it's double electric moves and zap cannon is pretty cool. At least it wasn't focus blast (and even that move could be useful against bliss/lax)

Dps numbers for charge moves aren't that meaningful, because it doesn't count the time it takes to build up that energy.

Zc is slower, but does more damage per bar, so the overall dps is better

Its DPS is higher because it is faster. DPS only matters with quick moves. Damage per energy or damage per cycle is what matters for charge moves, and Zap Cannon does more damage.

It is the same thing as the CC vs DP argument DP has a long CD but more damage but because of that it is very hard to not get hit when using it but with CC you can dodge much easier so it all comes down to prefrence