Ampharos with Dragon Pulse as a defender

The current Gym Defenders Tier List was written before the Mareep Community Day and Ampharos was given an Honorable Mention:

"Tentacruel, Ampharos, Salamence, and Walrein - All have merits that parallel other members on the tier list but perform notably worse. Most are also limited to 1-bar charge moves (aside from Walrein, and let’s be realistic about Water Pulse here)."

Does Ampharos with the powerful two-bar Dragon Pulse warrant a promotion to tier 4?

Asked by hkn5 months ago


I’m sure it is okay, but I feel defense is mostly about wearing down other teams...I got kicked out of my last gym yesterday at 1142pm...okay maybe I’ll see some blue gyms when I’m driving 13 miles to work...I just saw one out of 20 or 25 and I did a raid there.

My time was too limited to make my own gym (yellow is everywhere right now). On the way home from work I’ll have to find/make 2 or 3 gyms to get my 50 coins.

In the morning all those enemy gyms looked tall but they could be pidgeys and weedles, still wouldn’t matter though. I’m driving keeping an eye out for my color and/or a raid boss.


Looking at what is in tier 4, I would say no. Everything but Lanturn is able to slow down Machamps. If anything, I'd drop Lanturn into the honorable mentions tier also.

The whole tierlist is a bit outdated except for Blissey and Chansey, I wouldn't worry about it tbh.


Ever since I defeated a fully motivated L35 Ampharos with VS/DP with three Mud Shots and an Earthquake from a L34 Groudon, I stopped being able to take it seriously.


Decent since it may deal a chunk out of dragon sweepers that aren't named Latios. Volt Switch is still the best defending Quick Move in the game, and Dragon Pulse is an upgrade. However, think of Dragon Pulse like slightly slower Ice Beam: its a move that got a strict upgrade like Ice Beam experienced with Avalanche. So a weaker, outdated move in the power creep but still good.


Dragon Pulse is NOT powerful, it can be dodged fairly easily, pretty cool animation, though.