Against Lugia, C or SE?

Talking about Tyranitar and DPS

Asked by MarcoLeandroX8 months 3 weeks ago


Stone Edge has more DPS in a vacuum but only if you can fire enough of it to make it worthwhile. Crunch is more reliable in most cases.

Against hydro pump I suspect SE will be substantially worse, as you'd struggle to fire 2 SEs, against SA maybe it's even but I don't see a substantial advantage of SE over C.

But if you're on either SE or Crunch it wouldn't be worth using a TM though if you are short on them.


It's still viable to slot tyranitar in, it's not like Raikou and Zapdos are tanking more than one hydro pump anyway. I'm just saying SE will be more of a gamble on a HP Lugia


Tyranitar even at level 30 doesn't usually get KO'd by the first Hydro Pump, which makes it almost as survivable as other counters anyway (nothing with good DPS can tank 2 undodged Hydro Pumps). Raikou and Zapdos are better, but most people don't have that many of either.


Pbbblt... T-Tars may become glass cannons against hydropump but they’re still viable. They’re just not as potion-efficient. If you got the pots, you’ll have a better chance of nabbing an extra damage ball with them then without them.

But if you do use them against Hydropump, they pretty much have to have Crunch because you’ll never get off an SE before you pass out.


Can't quite say definitively for every situation, however Crunch is almost certainly more useful for the worst case scenario where the Lugia has Hydro Pump.


C gets better the higher your level goes but the difference is relatively small. Would not prioritize spending CTM on it for just Lugia, but C is generally preferable anyway.

Time to win L30:
SE 1270.7s C 1271.8s

Time to win L35:
C 1231.7s SE 1244.1s

Time to win L40:
C 1194.4s SE 1223.5s


I've found that Crunch performs better for me than Stone Edge against Lugia, even when Stone Edge is weather boosted; I generally get 4-5 Crunch's off per Tyranitar, and 2-3 Stone Edge's. And the last SE normally comes with a dodge or two, where with the Crunch, I'm not dodging anything.

Caveat being that most of the Lugia I've been running into have had ES/HP or ES/SA, with very few double psychic movesets. (or Dragon Tail for that matter; I've caught more DT Lugia's than I've battled) Maybe if I had the double-psychic, I could get more SE's off (and SE has been weather boosted here regularly), but that hasn't been an option for most of my raids.