About Buizel

Did anyone meet him in wild? Because some of my community mates have reports, that he can be caught in wild. But noone of us noticed wild Buizel. Maybe its weather depended like Cacnea or Lotad?

Thx for any info.

Asked by Ziperro4 days 23 hours ago


Cacnea is weather depended? Didn't notice.
Anyways, it was out for an hour or so then disappeared, Niantic didn't want it to be a wild spawn.


Cacnea has a *major* boost in Sunny esp in the same biomes where Lotad gets a big boost in Rain. I think I've only ever caught 2 Lotads where it had been neutral weather before and after spawn, and maybe a half dozen Cacnea in same.


I have a lvl 10 bad ivs buizel catched in wild near my home, it spawns but its like 10km egg pokemon or maybe more rare