About the 0% flee rate

Picked up the "power up one pokemon" quest yesterday and completed it almost immediately. Got the Plusle encounter and it broke out of the first ball I threw at it and escaped. I was under the assumption that these encounters from research couldn't flee, and had never seen this before. Does this have to do with the most recent update?

EDIT: I found reports on reddit that there is a known bug where the research pokemon flees on the screen, yet then appears as caught in your bag (it happened with mew for someone). So that's what happened, for anyone (like me) who was unaware of this glitch.

Asked by compoundeyes2 months 4 weeks ago


I was under the impression that only the legendary encounters from the larger research streaks do not flee. Is this really true for the small fry, too?

Like the OP said, sometimes there is a glitch where it appears to have fled but it's actually in your storage. This is true for all research encounters.

Yes, the glitch works as described - I had it happen to me and the exeggcute that ran away definitely showed up in my inventory.

Catchban or speedlock are both ways to make research pokemon appear to flee. No one has recorded an instance where the mon flees and is either not in the pokestorage or accessible again as the encounter.

It's not only research Pokemon. A couple of weeks ago, I had a 96% Latias "run" from me after throwing 1 ball.