20K Feebas Buddy?

Has anyone tried waking a feebas 20k to evolve?

I vaguely remember trying to do it with one of the 1st gen. pokemons and finding out the feature wasn't functional.

I'm up to 9.9k on a feebas now, but I caught a 100% larvitar and I want candy for it.

Edit: Sounds like the requirement is 100 candy plus 20k as walking buddy. Thanks.

Asked by Zeuticus6 months 4 weeks ago


20K for each candy is ridiculous.
Walk your Larvitar instead, and use the rare candies you get from raids on Feebas...'raising' both from pups is much easier that way!

It's "only" 5km for each candy, but in order to evolve a Feebas you need to have 100 candies as well as have that particular Feebas as buddy for 20km, which isn't too far really. I can do that in a couple of days.

I have had a Feebas as a buddy for more than 20km and I have the candy, so I will evolve it during the event in a few days so as to get some extra XP.

Feebas doesn't give 1 candy per 20km, it gives 1 candy per 5km, but the requirement to evolve a Feebas is 100 candies and have walked with that specific Feebas for a total of 20km.

Thanks to Androgynous and the idle fellow for clearing that up! - I missed that part (obviously!). So then it's a similar evolving requirement like for Espeon, but we need Feebas as our buddy for at least 20km then...

Get it to 20k before changing buddy so you don't waste any buddy distance. It's not like you're in a rush, the Larvitar is still going to be there waiting to be evolved.

I don't think you lose buddy distance if you switch to another buddy. I think it will save his 9.9 so he can walk his larvitar and then come back and only have to do another 10.1 on the feebas.

My question is, is Milotic useful for anything? Or, is she just a pretty pokedex filler?

But you lose out on potential candies if you switch buddies.

Like you could switch buddies every 4km and still get the full 20km on the Feebas without getting any Feebas candies.

Considering the effort you have to put into Milotic to evolve it, I don't think it's worth it to use it in battle. It's about on par with Vaporeon, but Vaporeon got outclassed by Gyarados who in turn got outclassed by Kyogre, so Vaporeon's only advantage is that it's easy to evolve, so I'd consider it dex filler as it'd almost never get used realistically. Not unusable but not the best water type either.

Makes an O.K. Water-Type defender since it has Waterfall/DT while Vaporeon is cursed with Water Gun, and doesn't have a 4x weakness to electric like Gyarados.

And you'd better believe people will be feeding it like a king.

Personally I put almost zero value in defenders. The only ones that can actually delay an attacker by making them take a long time are the tanky normal types or Pokemon with annoying types to deal with like Gardevoir.

The effort put into a Milotic just isn't worth it.

I walked my Feebas, and hatched a mess of 10k's, where I hatched enough Feebas to not only evolve but power it up. My Milotic is level 30, 2521cp, 149 hit points, with waterfall and surf as its moves. I will probably continue to power him up, as he continues to be my buddy, and see how he would do as a part of my Ninetales attack team.

Milotic's only purpose is that it's better than vaporeon as a defender. Vaporeon gets destroyed by Dragonites, Milotic might stand a chance if it had the correct movesets.

Milotic is only for collection/putting in gyms unfortunately. At least it's better than vaporeon in terms on gym defense.

Speaking of this aside to evolve Feebas you need 100 candies and have to walk a total of 20 km with it. In other words it's good for 2 power ups if your feebas is from a 10km egg which is very likely because wild caught feebas are 99.9% Garbage.

Is it definite that you have to walk with the same Feebas you’re going to evolve? I walked 9K with one I hatched and now I just caught one in the wild that’s WAY better.