Move Category
Charge Move
Move Type

PvE Charge Move Info

Base Power
Damage Per Second
Charge Energy
Damage Window
1.40 seconds
Move Cooldown
1.70 seconds
Damage per Energy1.30

PvP Charge Move Info

Base Power 65
Charge Energy -40
Damage Per Energy 1.63

Pokemon with Charge Move

Pokemon Attack
Rhyperior Rhyperior 241
Rhydon Rhydon 222
Mew Mew 210
Swampert Swampert 208
Milotic Milotic 192
Wailord Wailord 175
Politoed Politoed 174
Lapras Lapras 165
Bibarel Bibarel 162
Marshtomp Marshtomp 156

Pokemon with Legacy Charge Move

Pokemon Attack
Pikachu Pikachu 112