Pokemon Go On Track To Surpass One Of The Highest Grossing Games In The West Ever

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  • Pokemon Go has done 2.6 BILLION in purchases and even surpassed stalwart Candy Crush Saga.

There's a new report from Sensor Tower, one of the top data outlets for apple and google play data, and they've found something astounding.

Pokemon Go, popular geolocation AR game from Niantic, is set to surpass one of the top grossing games ever - Candy Crush Saga.

This puts the title in the top 4 all time for the first three years in the West. Granted, other titles like Monster Strike and Puzzle & Dragon have done even better elsewhere in the world but those games are in a league of their own.

But this is a big deal for a company like Niantic and a big deal for mobile gaming in general. 

Sensortower Chart

While titles like Clash Royale still outperformed Pokemon Go, it is clear that this game is moving in a positive direction (if such a thing were possible) and that's especially interesting when you consider the fact that it hasn't even been released in China yet.

Sensor Tower also found that of the revenue spent on Pokemon Go, 35% of that spending comes from the US with Japan a close second at 29%. And they're also over spending last year by 19% for the first half of this year versus last year, so it still appears there's room to grow.

All in all, this is exciting news in mobile gaming, as it shows games like this have staying power. 

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