Winter Event Part 2

December 30, 2016

The second part of the winter event has arrived!

As a quick summary, we will have 3 new gift boxes available in the shop until the January 3rd. Additionally, starter Pokemon will be more common and lures will last for one hour (double from 30 minutes) until January 8th.

Free daily incubator and increased baby egg rate will continue until January 3rd.

Holiday Item Pack 2

The three item packs from the first half of the event are now gone and replaced with three new ones. No egg incubators this time but the new item packs provide discounts for lures and lucky eggs. From December 30th to January 3rd afternoon (PST), the following gift boxes will be available:

item pack 2
Bronze Box460Poke Ball (100)
Lure Module (8)
Silver Box980Incense (8)
Lucky Egg (8)
Lure Module (8)
Gold Box2480Great Ball (50)
Incense (25)
Lucky Egg (25)
Lure Module (16)

*Discount calculated against regular price; ball value excluded. Bronze box has 60% discount if you include the value of Poke Balls.

Excluding the value of the Poke Balls, the three item sets offer roughly the same discount value-wise. Which bundle to get mostly comes down to what items you're after. A single 25 Lucky Egg set will probably last you rest fo the game. If you're well stocked with Incense from last week, Lure Modules is likely the only thing left to stock up on.

Bronze Box is the one to get. All three item packs offer great value propositions, but additional Poke Balls are especially nice if you have a GO+. With increased spawn rates for the hard to catch Starters, you're gonna need them.

New Loading Screen

Another minor change is an updated loading screen. Looks like the new baby Pokemon are enjoying the New Year's fireworks.

Happy New Years!

Pop Quiz: which two babies seem to be missing out on the festivities?

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