Where to buy the Pokemon Go Plus?

December 10, 2016
Where to buy the Pokemon Go Plus?

The Pokemon Go Plus was officially released on September 16th and promptly sold out. Since then, the only way to pick up a new one is through scalpers with a huge mark up, or shady third party counterfeits.

After a long wait, the second third batch of Pokemon GO Plus will soon arrive at your local retailers. Start calling and plan ahead, chances are this batch will sold out quickly as well.

Use this GamePress page to find your local retailer:

Pokemon GO Plus Retailers

If the device is available in your region, leave us a comment below and we'll add it to this list:

United States - $34.99

Canada - $44.99

Australia and New Zealand - $49.99

South Africa - R 609

Japan - 3,780円

Available 12/10Details on the official Nintendo Japan site

United Kingdom - £34,99 

France39,99 € 

Germany 44,99 € 

Italy 39,99 € 

Spain 39,90 € 

Portugal 39,99 € 

Belgium 39,99 € 

Netherlands 39,99 € 

Austria - 51.99€

When purchasing from Amazon or Walmart, avoid purchasing from 3rd party retailers.  They're likely selling cheap counterfeits.

Want to learn more about the Pokemon Go Plus device?  Click here!

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